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Conveyor belts have become an integral part of industries like power industry, quarrying and mining. Conveyor belt is exposed to wear and tear due to the movement of abrasive materials; therefore the impact of damage is more. At times stone edges and abrasive media cut off the rubber part and this can lead to temporary or permanent failure of the components. The problem has to be addressed immediately to avoid major breakdown of the equipment. This goes to prove the need for durable repairs to withstand the impact of tough working condition. 

The repair methods at times can be time consuming and need special equipment and expertise to set in right. As an alternative situation the conveyor belt can be replaced, but this also leads to increased downtime. Some of the conveyor belt repair methods include:

Hot vulcanization

It is a chemical process that consists of creating cross linked between each polymer molecules. It treats rubber with pressure and heat. Compress the rubber between two metal plates to create a strong chemical bond. With the help of Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing the missing or damaged sections can be replaced without affecting the strength of the belt. The belt repair happens on a cleaned, trimmed and localized area.

Cold bond resins

The hot vulcanizing is time consuming and expensive. Metallic clips are used during emergency situations, but during corrosion the damage is extensive to the conveyor belt. However, cold bond resins are reliable alternatives to both hot vulcanizing and metallic clips for worn out, ripped or holed belts.

Mechanical fasteners

Mechanical fasteners are made with the help of specialized components made of steel. It is simple and quick to install compared to vulcanizing process. Based on the width of the belt and the thickness, the metallic clips can be installed in less than an hour with your hands or power tools in case of emergency installation.

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