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Colic pain Abdomen A severe paroxysmal pain in the abdomen could be due to spasm, obstruction or distention of one of the hollow viscera. Hepatic colic the severe pain produced by the passage of a gallstone from the liver or gall bladder through the bile duct. Intestinal colic pain due to distention of the intestines by gas. Renal colic the severe pain produced by the passage of a calculus from the kidney through the ureter. • In renal colic, check uric acid in blood and urine, USG abdomen and pelvis to find [Read renal stone chapter] and KUB [Kidney Urinary Bladder], x-ray • In small intestinal colic, there will be pain around the umbilicus. • It may be due to worm and amoebic colitis. • In pain around the umbilical region, vomiting and abdominal distension think of intestinal obstruction. • Large intestine colics are relieved by passing motion. The sigmoid colon is the commonest site for colic pain. • There are conditions like hepatic flexure syndrome, splenic flexure syndrome. • Management is based on independent conditions. • If the abdominal pain is acute in the upper abdomen, reflex esophagitis, unstable angina, hiatus hernia, gastritis, gallstone colic, gastric ulcer, and pancreatitis are the cause to be considered. • If the pain is in the central abdomen, small bowel obstruction, mesenteric artery occlusions are common. • If the pain is in the lateral abdomen, pyelonephritis, renal calculi, ureteric calculus, appendicitis, and salpingitis are to be considered. • If the pain is in the hypogastric region, ulcerative colitis, cystitis, PID, pelvic endometriosis should be thought off. Treatment Principle of Colic, pain Abdomen Most of the colic pain can be visualized with the concept of sula, Udavarta, & vata gulma. Vata kaphahara and anulomana therapy is the choice. 1. If the colic pain is because of the passage of gall stone better not give anything orally. Modern pain killers are very much effective. 2. For colicystitis the detailed treatment is discussed else where 3. For intestinal colic

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