Cheritan Makeup Tips


The pre-wedding jitters affect brides and grooms more than they usually take it into consideration. From shopping to planning the whole schedule not only boggles their mind but also their hormone system. This leads to loss of skin glow, acne, dark circles, etc., So to look bright on the wedding day, some of Do's and Don'ts for brides and even a handful among them can be followed by grooms. Exercise: Don't be confused on this tip, because a regular exercise complements not only your inner beauty but also your physic. A healthy glow surrounds you bringing your natural beauty out. Try to mediate in between the day to control your stress levels. I suggest It for both bride and groom. Healthy Diet: Many go on a hunger strike before the wedding to look slim on their Big day. And do you think it is good? It is really a very bad idea. It can not only make you unhealthy, but you may also fall ill. You will lose your natural healthy glow, so instead try to take small amounts of food at regular intervals. Eat lots of fruits, nuts, and healthy items. Consume water and fluids like juices to keep your skin hydrated. Try ABC juice and its residue pulp as pack or scrub, the glow is natural and almost immediate.Feasting on fast foods and sweets open doors to acne. Avoid coffee and other unhealthy beverages. Because they accumulate fat in your body and drinking more coffee leads to black lips. Protection from the Sun: Its common to go shopping and outings during the wedding. And the bright sun leaves tan on your skin, so select a perfect sunscreen lotion with good SPF and suitable for your skin type. And apply it for every 2-3 hours when you are under the sun. Keep tissues in handy to clean oil and dust accumulated on your face. After the end of your shopping spree wash your fash with a good cleanser and moisturize it for extra care. Exfoliation and Nourishing of Skin: Exfoliation of skin removes the dead skin cells and making the pores more accessible Nourishment purpose. The skin shrinks the supplements making it bright and tight. One should not use exfoliation more than twice a week and oat scrub packs leave you with best results. And your whole body needs nourishing which is possible with simple homemade DIY packs. Use them twice for the face and one time for hair. As for your hands and legs massage them with olive oil at night, and use gloves and socks to keep the moisture locked. As per face massage, I suggest almond oil for dry skin and jojoba oil for oily skin. Parlour: Make sure to make parlor appointments afore so not face any problems at the peak of wedding season. Don't try any new products and test before using them. Makeup and hair trails are must as they give you an idea of how you are going to look on your wedding day. Add weekly facials to the list.

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