Top Benefits Of Considering Boutique Hotels Whi...


he boutique style hotels are gaining great popularity these days. The travellers from different parts of the world prefer such hotels due to its variety of benefits. The culture, authenticity, presentation, as well as service quality, speaks a lot.

Top benefits of boutique hotels

  • Construction and built: The layout and built of the boutique hotels are quite like those of business hotels or the resorts. Some of the boutique hotels are built over historical buildings to bring out the heritage feel of the place. There are boutique hotels with modern day constructions.
  • Size: As compared to other types of hotels, boutique hotels are quite small. They are of 25-100 rooms. But, the guests get a personal touch within the small size of boutique hotels.
  • Service-oriented atmosphere: The service quality of the boutique hotels is exceptionally good. Since the number of guests served in such hotel is less, the authority can focus on the service quality. The boutique hotels in India have services like complimentary breakfast, free wine bottles, designer bath products etc.
  • Good number of facilities: One of the greatest advantages of the boutique hotel is the fact that it will offer you more facilities. Since these hotels are owned by individuals and not the shareholders, the terms of service and facilities are quite flexible. 
  • Price: The room rates are an important consideration before booking a hotel. The budget of the individual may differ as per the financial ability. More and more people are considering taking the boutique hotels as the price is quite reasonable. If you compare the price of boutique hotels with those of star category or chain group of hotels, the price is 20% less. 

All of you must consider the boutique hotels when you are thinking for holiday with your friends and family. Even if your budget is a constraint, the boutique hotels will give you quality service at an affordable cost.

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