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Did you know how wireless internet connection works? There are four ways of establishing wireless connectivity and these are discussed below:

Mobile wireless internet: Mobile operators provide voice calls and messaging services. Today they have expanded their services to mobile wireless internet too. Smartphone come with an option to connect with wireless internet. These phones are designed to have access to Wifi technology. Apart from this there are cellular wireless cards supported by PCMCIA or USB cards that connect to the appropriate PC port. With these you can start check email and browse the web. The CDMA and GSM offers a speed of 9.6 kbps. Moreover it comes with a transfer rate of 114 kbps.

Wifi Internet service: For this you need a wifi service provider. The problem with Wifi is that they do not have a broad range like mobile operators. It is referred to as IEEE 802.11 WLAN Standards. These standards are used to define wireless signals that connect wireless access point and Wifi Cards. Wifi technology is also card WLAN or wireless local area network. Wireless internet tops the internet without cables by presenting features like speed and quality.

WiMAX solution: This forum devised the IEEE 802.16 standard and is called Wireless MAN. The WiMAX technology comes with a bandwidth of 70 Mbps and a maximum range of 112 kilometers. Wireless MAN has the potential to cover bigger range when compared to WLAN. WiMAX covers two subscriber units: Outdoor and Indoor units. The latter has a lower range when compared to the former. Outdoor units need professional installation and they also offer wider range. 

Satellite internet wireless access: This type of internet access is suitable for rural and remote areas and it is the ideal solution to achieve broadband internet. This type of internet solution is expensive to install and maintain. Another disadvantage is that the delay caused to travel across a huge range.

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