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The belt life is at its end when the carcass and the belt cover wear out at the same time. In case a belt is removed due to carcass damage or injury, with the cover thickness in place, the cover life would go wasted. On the contrary when the belt cover is worn and the carcass is intact the belt life will be abbreviated. The belt life depends on the following factors:

·         Belt design, quality and specification

·         Conveyor engineering and design

·         Conveyor system maintenance

·         Conveyor accessories and its functions


The quality of conveyor belt repair happening on the bulk materials can affect the life expectancy. Conveyor Belt Repair Material running to its maximum potential can be removed from service before its life expectancy is reached.


The biggest question asked by business managers is the economic feasibility of the belt repair. Is it a worthwhile expenditure? Another question that crops up is if the conveyor belt repairs the best way to maintain running cost? Cost is definitely a consideration but satisfying the production schedule and meeting other pressures of the production must also be taken into consideration.


Before considering repair, it is important to analyze the situation. Get an idea of the following:

·         Extend of the damage

·         Opting for belt replacement based on time availability

·         Possibility of temporary repairs

·         Techniques used in the repairs

·         Supplies available

·         Manpower resources available

·         Outsourcing to contractors

·         Additional costs incurred

·         Insurance options

·         Chances for material bypass


Belt repair types are divided into vulcanized repairs, metal fastener repairs and cold cure repairs. Depending on the type of belt material and the extent of repair, any of the above options are administered. Monitoring the conveyor belt for repairs at regular intervals can prevent this situation. Getting the belt repaired when the issue is minor can save on replacement cost.

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