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The digital landscape is undergoing a great change with people moving to mobile to search and interact with content instead of desktop and laptop. They pick mobile phones and tablets. The digital technology is cheaper and has no boundaries or limitations on how and when to use the content. The digital marketing is changing the way things were perceived. The content succeeds on delivering what, when and how the customers want. It is easier to change the landscape while investing in cutting edge content forms like Video Marketing Agency in New York.

It is video marketing that delivers the relevance and flexibility needed by customers to cater to the new on-the-move-lifestyle. Here is the latest on video marketing:

Video marketing is the future and here are some statistics to prove it. 

  • Video is expected to claim 80% of the web traffic by 2019.
  • Marketing emails with video can boost the click rate by 200-300%
  • Videos on the land pages increases conversion by 80%
  • Product videos improves the purchasing decisions by 90%
  • Youtube states that mobile video consumption is increasing by 100% annually
  • 64% customers tend to buy a product after watching a promotional video on the product
  • About 87% of online marketers use video content in digital marketing strategies
  • 1/3 rd time spent online is watching videos
  • Video ads account to 35% of ad spending
  • More than half the decision makers in a company prefer watching a video than read a story
  • A single minute video content is equal to 1.8 million words informs James McQuivey, digital marketing expert.

Reasons to use video marketing

It is the fastest growing marketing strategy and it is the right time that marketers start using this. Some of the top benefits of video marketing include, increasing brand recall, increasing website’s SEO, compatibility with all devices, strengthens your brand message and gives your video content to go viral.

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