What Are Pop Sockets And Why Are They So Trendy?


What are those bulgy circular saucer kind of things affixed on the back of almost everyone's phone? Ever wondered? Well, word on the street is that it may be a Pop Socket. Yes, pop socket! They are on huge demand right now and are quite popular, unlike the other accessories used for your phone.

But what is this pop socket and why is it so in demand? Why is it reaching the apex of being trendy?

Pop sockets are a small circular disc-like structure which comprises of three parts, i.e. a fancy disc, a flexible accordion-like shoot, and a cycloidal base which sticks to the back of the phone.

Now, the question that rises up is why does one need it, and why is this compact disc toy-like thing in demand among the youth and other strata of the age group? Let us go and detect all the possibilities of it being at the pinnacle of trends.

Fancy to chose, easy to hold; that's how pop sockets are mould!

The major purpose of pop sockets is to eliminate the fuss of holding a phone and the chances of damage caused by falling on the floor, making the task of holding a phone an easy one rather than struggling hard to clutch it so that it doesn't fall down. This helps you save the additional expense of repairing the screen or even the exorbitant price of having to buy a new one.

Pop sockets can help you clasp your phone in a much easier manner while travelling or walking among a crowd of thousands of people. Some people have clammy hands which dwindle their grip on the phone, but pop sockets come to your rescue here as well. It gives an easy grip on handling your phone while doing your other chores. People with a small hand who have a big phone find it difficult to hold onto it; pop sockets can help them in those scenarios.

For all the kings and queens of the Selfie!

The selfie had been an essential part of one’s daily lifestyle, whether it is going to a party or a family function, a road trip, adventure or even a trip to the restaurant. The moment the food arrives, one has to take a selfie with it. Think, what will happen if you are not holding your phone correctly? Suddenly, you’ll find it swimming in the Dal Tadka or Butter chicken along with some coriander garnishing it! No one would prefer a situation like that. So, it works as a convenient tool while clicking selfies and gives you a good grip on the phone when snapping the shutter button.

Earphones are tangled? Keep it now properly angled!  

Untangling earphones after you dig it up from your bag or pocket is one of the most resilient tasks for any individual. What if it gets breaks on the way out? What if the earbud went missing? But now, you do not need to worry because the pop socket can even solve that crisis for you. How so? Using the facility of a dual pop socket setup can save your time usually spent on resolving tangled earphones. There are other matters which are also very important for you to solve. Spend your time resolving those issues, leave this one to the Pop Socket.

Wanna watch a video? Use it as a stand!

Yes! You can even use it as a multimedia stand as it will exempt you from holding your phone in your hand while you watch a video. You can keep it at your table and sit on a snuggly sofa and enjoy the video.

One can even use it as a stand to keep it somewhere while the surface is wet if you are scared that your phone too will get spoiled. You can keep it to any surface, even when the surface is wet. Your phone will be completely safe.

Don't spend your bucks too much!

Many people have a habit of changing their mobile cover often. But, does it mean you have to buy a Pop Socket every now and then whenever you are changing your mobile cover and have to spend your money again on the Pop Socket? No, you don't have to! They are made of a sticky reusable adhesive which increases its durability and lifeline. So yes, you don't need to buy a Pop Socket every time you are changing your mobile cover. It is even conveniently washable. Consider it as a one-time investment with good returns.

Personalize it according to your style!

At present, where you can, at a greater extent, personalize a cup of coffee, than why won't you do the same with your accessories? Pop Sockets even come with this feature of personalization. Personalize it with your favourite Marvel hero, your favourite food, place or your favourite photo. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Pull it when you need it!

Besides the customizing feature, Pop Sockets also have something more for you. If you don't like that bulgy part to be always visible, then push it down. Oh, yes! You got this feature too in a Pop Socket. You can pull it whenever you want to, and push it back to the back of your phone. In fact, it will act as a styling factor.

Not as simple as it looks!

Well, it doesn't look like one of the essential accessories, but after taking all the necessary points into account, one can understand its importance. Maybe initially, it will be a little tricky to get hold of it, but once you're habituated to it, it will be difficult for you to use your phone without it. It can act as a whole new experience of using your old phone in a different manner, or one can say, in a better manner.

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