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Best Digital Business Card in India

Qard has been providing the contactless digital business card in India. Forget the old-fashioned printed business cards that are usually thrown in the trash can. Using our digital business card, you can create and share your one-click contact information, such as phone, email, Whatsapp, map, bank...Read More

Posted By : Saurabh Pandey // in Tech

How To Install The Latest Windows 11 Operating System For Your PC?

Every person wants to know how to download Windows 11 now that it is official. While many people must wait till the Microsoft team’s new operating system is released in Holiday 2021, you can now download and install windows 11 – an early build of it to test it out...Read More

Posted By : June Revee // in Tech

Network Routers

Find detailed information of Router, Network Routers, Adsl Router, Broadband Router, Dsl Routers Suppliers for your buy requirements. Contact verified Router Manufacturers, Router wholesalers, Router exporters, retailers, traders in India.Read More

Posted By : PankajKumar // in Tech

How to do IaC Security Scan for your Azure ARM templates repo with Prancer

Prancer Enterprise uses Azure to reach a wide-scale audience in a short time, with built-in redundancy and security. The whole infrastructure runs on Azure and is secured by built-in Azure features.Read More

Posted By : Prancer Enterprise // in Tech

Ways to Fix ISO Installation Failed Error & Edge Missing From Windows Issue

The ISO Installation Failed Error error often appears when the users try to install an in-place upgrade or a complete reinstall of Windows 10 on their respective PCs. The error often takes place somewhere in the middle of the installation, and there are usually no clues as to what might have...Read More

Posted By : June Revee // in Tech

Digital Signage Video Wall Solutions

Digital Signage Video Wall Solutions: Infrared Interactive Flat Panel for Conference, Infrared Interactive Flat Panel for Education, Capacitive Interactive Flat Panel, Commercial Display, Digital Signage (can be customized), Long Strip Digital Signage, Electronic Doorplate, Intelligent Transmission...Read More

Posted By : ashish1998 // in Tech

Fix Laptop Keyboard Auto Key-Pressing Issue

You are working on your laptop, and all of a sudden, your keys stop working. Or maybe it’s a whole section of keys that is taking forever to respond or random keys pressing without even touching. Worse yet, the keyboard cuts out entirely. While this can be a problem, particularly when you...Read More

Posted By : June Revee // in Tech

A Website Migration SEO Checklist: Everything You Need to Know

Nothing can eliminate the excitement of SEO ranking of the newly designed website. SEO is an important factor to increase the search engine ranking, organic traffic, and conversion after publishing your content, but sometimes we forget about the SEO algorithm we should follow; that’s why your...Read More

Posted By : Yusuf Javed // in Tech


Software testing is an elaborate and disciplined process which follows various principles of agile software development. The Agile testing method has gained a huge reputation in the software industry given the success rate of testing results. Even complex applications can be tested easily with...Read More

Posted By : Richel Garner // in Tech

Best Cable TV Internet Services

Are Looking for the Best Cable TV and Internet Provider in USA; Bestcabletvinternet.info is welcoming you to perceive what we are offering for satellite TV and web. We have all well for your online cable tv needs as wel as reliable internet connection. For the best TV Service Provider visit us and...Read More

Posted By : gayatriseparationindia // in Tech

Learn How To Fix “Error 0x80070141: Device Is Unreachable

Many Windows users have been reporting the error 0x80070141: the device is unreachable while trying to perform specific actions. In most cases, the error code is reported to happen when the user is trying to open, move or copy a JPEG file from a camera storage device to a PC. The...Read More

Posted By : June Revee // in Tech

An Introduction to Prancer Framework Configuration Files

Prancer Cloud Security Platform is built based on the core Prancer framework codebase . Prancer Framework leverages the well-architected concepts for scalability and extendability.Read More

Posted By : Prancer Enterprise // in Tech

Unovon- Residential Voip phone Services

UNOVON is a Broadband phone service and requires a high-speed Internet connection. All unlimited Residential and Business plans are governed by Fair Usage Policy. Calls to certain premium routes and mobile phones are not included unless stated specifically for a country and will be billed...Read More

Posted By : Unovon Unovon // in Tech

unovon plans

 Unovon-a Leading Voip service Firm has majorly three types of Plans Residential plans for individuals or a family, Small business plans designed for SMEs, and Unovon World caters to developing Countries such as Bangladesh, Nigeria, Myanmar, Sudan, South Africa, etc. The company majorly...Read More

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Unovon- Residential Voip phone Services

Unovon the fastest growing residential Voip service firm across 60 countries. The company prides itself in providing EZ call, Call forwarding, multiline calling, call block, access number, Hide Caller-id, and much more for Just $ 9.99/Month. Users Can also use other facilities such as ...Read More

Posted By : Unovon Unovon // in Tech

Amazon Prime Phone Number

Amazon always strives to satisfy our customers with our services, we are a third party service provider. Amazon also provides the facility of Amazon Prime Phone Number Australia: +61-480-020-996 for its customers to get in touch with the customer and get their problem resolved in no time.Read More

Posted By : larry felice // in Tech

Get the best test script software for your mobile and website app

The struggles that business entrepreneurs make to get their products into the market and pressure to scale their business often take a toll. Every individual is looking for ways to keep up their apps up to date and to get the maximum out of their products.  Hence, Quality control is the key...Read More

Posted By : Richel Garner // in Tech

Best Search Engine Optimization Agency | Best SEO Company 2021 | Contizant

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best digital marketing tactics to grow your business. Contizant, an SEO company, can increase your online presence and website traffic.Read More

Posted By : Contizant Technologies // in Tech

Best PHP Development Company India | Contizant Technologies

Contizant Technologies is a leading PHP web development company in India that aims to provide robust website solutions. Our PHP development experts are highly-skilled.Read More

Posted By : Contizant Technologies // in Tech

Get the best mobile automation testing for your app | hikeqa

Mobile Application Testing is the most vital part of overall Software Testing which can’t be ignored at any point of time. And Quality Control should always be the main priority while conducting Testing. To keep up with the ever-growing mobile user base and the constantly evolving technology...Read More

Posted By : Richel Garner // in Tech

IaC Security and Continuous Compliance

Prancer is a pre-deployment and post-deployment multi-cloud validation framework for your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) pipeline and continuous compliance in the cloud.Read More

Posted By : Prancer Enterprise // in Tech

HR Automation Suite | HR Workflow Automation System & Software - Suneratech

The hiring, onboarding, and timesheet management automate your HR operations with our easy-to-use and customizable HR workflow automation suite.Read More

Posted By : Donald // in Tech

Searching for an Application to Extract/Export Salesforce Metadata from your Org?

Are you still exporting your metadata the traditional way? Don’t you think that opening every field, object, or process builder and then copying them one by one is a tedious & monotonous task? We mean, all you’re doing is just carrying out the same process on repeat which requires...Read More

Posted By : Mohit Bansal // in Tech

Importance of hiring a software testing consultancy

Cloud computing means delivering various services through the internet. It involves data storage, accessing to the servers and databases, networks, different applications and tools. Basically, usage of cloud services eliminates any hard drives for storage purposes and the users have privilege of...Read More

Posted By : Richel Garner // in Tech

Mulesoft Training | Mulesoft Online Training

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform is the greatest integration platform for SOA, SaaS, and APIs. MuleSoft offers employees extraordinary operational excellence by integrating application forms, information and systems, both on-site and in the cloud, with an API-driven strategy. By consolidating...Read More

Posted By : varsha dusa // in Tech

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