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The standards maintained by UV Gullas college of medicine are at par with other global universities

Most of the candidates opt for higher education and some practice medicine after completing their MBBS program.

The climate in Philippines is most favorable for the Indian students. it’s Suitable for Indians because the  Philippines climate is similar to in India.

It is easy for Indian students to get along well owing to the suitable climate and favorable weather conditions.

The UV Gullas college of medicine syllabus designed for MBBS/MD is accepted and approved all across the world.

The communication is quite easy as the local people can speak English and the official language is English, medium of teaching adopted is also English which offers great help for the Indian students.     

There is no donation and capitation fees taken by the UV Gullas college of medicine.

The medical degrees awarded by the UV Gullas college of medicine in Philippines are internationally acclaimed degrees.

The UV Gullas Infrastructure is safe and secure for the international students and there is no threat of any kind.

The fees for MBBS/MD at UV Gullas college of medicine is low and the living expenses are also very cheap which makes Philippines a great choice for the Indian Students .

The maximum number of international students who pursue MBBS/MD in UV Gullas College of medicine Philippines are Indian students as the standard of education in Philippines is well known across the globe.

International students are not Need to learn the any additional language or the official language of Philippines.

UV Gullas medical college students are permitted to diagnose the patients which not only boosts their confidence level but provides better practical knowledge also.

UV Gullas College Of Medicine provide Quality Doctors

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