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Every man who is living alone wants to find a woman close to the one in his dreams. That ideal woman for you may be tall, slim and beautiful or short, thick and pretty. Whatever her physical characteristics you want her to be your companion, friend and lover. For the self-proclaimed players among you there is a question you might not have given any thought to before, and that is do you change your view, or game as you like to call it, depending on where the woman is from?

Are you a little bit bamboozled to choose the facility of free meet and fuck sites? Well think about it, if you have a different approach for a woman depending on how she dresses or where she works why wouldn’t you change your approach depending on where she is from? Though, you can see a woman in formal business wear, let’s say a pants suit. You go up to her and introduce yourself politely and after some idle chatter designed at getting information from her about herself you ask her to lunch. All are very decent and polite.

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Now some time later you meet another woman at a dance club or free fuck sites. She is dressed in very attractive and proactive garments and the way she is moving her body to the music has you thinking about stuff you would not want to tell your mother. Now, would you go up to her politely and discuss the weather, latest general news and ask her to lunch like you did the first? It is guaranteed you would not be thinking about that at all. First you would want to get close enough to her so you would be the one she is dancing with or on, if you catch the drift. Then if she is willing to dance with you whatever happens, happens.

So back to the question, would place of origin matter? Well, first of all if you think your approach is so full proof that it works on any woman then you have been sorely misleading. As humans we all have different interests and different goals. So that means that you need to have an understanding of what may possibly interest that woman before you can proceed much further. Now this is not about the initial approach; as a polite greeting will work with just about everyone, this is about moving beyond the salutations and getting to the adult fuck site.

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