Christ University BHM Exam Preparation Strategy

Christ University BHM Exam Preparation Strategy – Eazyprep


Christ University offers the professional Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) course. This course is offered for the students who are seeking to develop a career in the Hospitality Industry. The admission is done in colleges affiliated to Christ University. 

The different areas through which students are assessed are – 

  • English language 
  • Data analysis 
  • Fundamental accounting 
  • General awareness 

The students who wish to pursue the Hospitality course need to give the entrance exam. The exam pattern of the exam is as follow: 

BHM Exam Pattern 

BHM is an online exam. There are 120 MCQ type questions that are to be attempted in 2 hours. The exam is divided into 6 sections. The distribution is stated below. 

Section  Marks 
Fundamental accounting  20
Quantitative aptitude, numerical ability and fundamental mathematical operations  20
General Knowledge  20
English and verbal reasoning  20
Data analysis and interpretation  20
Reasoning  20

For each correct answer, 1 mark is rewarded. However, 0.25 marks for every wrong answer will be deducted. 

Now, when the exam pattern is clear, let’s shift to the general preparation tips for the exam. 

Overall Preparation Strategy

1. Time Table

Since there are 6 sections which you need to prepare, a time table is a must. You can divide the 6 days of the week for each section and keep sundays for revision. Else, you can fix hours per day to cover each section. The main motive is to devote equal time to each section. 

2. Focus on Concept Clarity 

If you have concept clarity, you will not face problems in remembering the formulas. So, when you begin your preparation, covering your concepts is a must. You should spend 8-10 days going through the concepts. Then, move on to the next topic. 

3. Make relevant notes

Making unnecessary notes is not required. Make formulas, shortcuts and codes which are important and rather more relevant. Your notes should be handy enough so that revising them is easy at the end. Also, combine them in one place. Scattered notes will consume more time. 

Section-Wise Preparation Strategy 

The exam is divided into 6 sections. You might be strong in one section but another section might need attention. So, the section wise preparation strategy and booklist is as follows: 

1. Fundamental Accounting 

The exam has 20 questions. Accounts itself is a tricky subject. The level in the exam is also high. Therefore, to beat the level of difficulty, you should be well versed with the concepts. Sample paper solving will help you in knowing the pattern. 

Preparation Strategy:

Accounts practice should not be missed. Keeping in mind the trickiness, regular question solving is important. You can look for practice books, followed by the generic school books as well as the sample papers. 1-2 hours daily question solving will help. 


Class 11 book for Fundamental Accounting 

Previous Years’ Question Papers

2. Quantitative Aptitude 

20 questions belong to this section. The questions can be moderate and difficult. Keeping in mind the negative marking, you should focus on accuracy. Accuracy will help you in getting to the correct answer. But don’t try and mark the answer if you are not confident. 

Preparation Strategy:

Try and divide your day so that you devote a minimum of 2 hours to numerical ability. Also, try and make shortcuts to formulas to cut short on time. But at the same time, don’t sacrifice accuracy. An efficient attempt in the exam will help you get a good score. 


RS Aggarwal for Quantitative Aptitude 

S Chand 

3. General Knowledge 

20 questions for current affairs can be score-fetching. The questions can be simple and direct, moderate or difficult, too. But, if you read with precision and in detail, you can score well. 

Preparation Strategy:

There are various sources to study general knowledge. But you should always stick to one. Otherwise, you might end up confusing yourself. Go for one source and cover all topics from the same source only. 1 hour everyday should be devoted for preparation. Otherwise, weekly or monthly sources can be opted, too. 


  • Manorama YearBook 
  • Arihant’s GK
  • Lucent’s GK 

4. English and verbal reasoning 

20 questions of the English and verbal reasoning section can be scored with regularity. Your hand over the language will depict the level of difficulty. You should not take the section lightly and give due time to it. 

Preparation Strategy:

Weekly, try and devote 10-12 hours for English and verbal reasoning practice. Newspapers or maybe novels can help you get a hand on vocabulary. Practice comprehensions and sample papers for a better understanding of the level of this section. 


  • SP Bakshi for objective general English 
  • RS Aggarwal – A new approach to reasoning verbal and non-verbal 

5. Data analysis and Interpretation 

Fairly, the 20 questions of this section are moderately easy and can be scoring. While practicing, you should aim and get a minimum of 16-18 marks. 

Preparation Strategy:

45 minutes to 1 hour each for this section is good enough. You might face issues in the beginning. After a while, you will get through the analysis and pattern of the competitive question. If not daily, 3 days a week (alternate or weekend) can be done. 


  • Data Interpretation decoded 
  • Books Data Interpretation 
  • The Accredited Guide to Data Interpretation 

6. Reasoning 

This section also has 20 questions. Logical reasoning involves various stratas. The questions can be direct once you learn to break the hidden codes. Solving various kinds of questions from books and sample papers will help. 

Preparation Strategy:

Sample books or question papers are a great thing to practice in this section. To score good marks, a thorough run of questions will help. You can go through the questions on a daily basis or on a weekly basis. If you feel you are more productive on weekends, try doing this section then. 


  • RS Aggarwal book for reasoning 
  • 501 challenging logical reasoning practice book 

The BHM course is good for people who wish to have a career in hospitality. Don’t be scared of competition, instead, give it your all. 

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