Agricultural industry and food security - The impact of COVID-19

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Issues surrounding the state of agriculture and food security had already arisen prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, with the global pandemic only serving to highlight these issues further. The pandemic has revealed a crisis of planning and production in the agricultural process, which in turn is likely to lead to significant food shortages in the most vulnerable regions. This case study identifies the impact the pandemic is having on the agricultural industry as a whole, the effect that this will have on food security and how the disruptions could act as a catalyst for positive change.

Key Highlights

- The global COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on virtually every market/industry around the globe and the agricultural industry is no exception. The restrictions brought about by the pandemic have had a profound impact across the entire supply chain of the agricultural industry, which has had a number of impacts for both consumers and companies alike. Labor shortages and supply chain disruptions at slaughterhouses have had the biggest impact, leading to a shortfall in agricultural production and the depopulation of livestock.
- Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, food insecurity, particularly in certain regions, had been a major concern amid the growing global population, with the number of hungry and malnourished on the rise. The disruptions the pandemic has caused to the agricultural industry will only serve to increase the prevalence of food insecurity in low income and developing countries, which will have huge human and economic costs. Locust plagues in East Africa and India are exacerbating the situation, with vital crops being eradicated, causing food shortages and threatening agricultural industries and food security.
- While the negative impacts of the COVID-19 crisis are widespread and costly, the pandemic has highlighted a number of inefficiencies across the supply chain and could serve as a catalyst for positive change within the industry. Already, the EU has identified the pandemic in its most recent food policy, planning contingency plans for ensuring food security in the future. The pandemic is also likely to renew interest in the prevention of emerging infectious diseases, as well as speed up investments in agri-tech, particularly that of which provide innovative supply chain solutions.

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- Learn what issues COVID-19 has created in agriculture
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- How dangerous is the situation in agriculture?
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