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Zimbra email hosting is the most reliable and affordable service among all providers because of its immense benefits. Being an enterprise-class email solution, Zimbra is completely opposite to traditional email servers. It doesn’t require you to stay chained to your office desk for managing your documents and emails. Zimbra is trusted by several organizations from more than 140+ countries and over 500 million users.

How Zimbra Is Secure?

Zimbra provides several security features to make its services more reliable for any organization. It aims to keep your data safe and private.

1.Multiple SSL Certificates for HTTPS

Zimbra SSL SNI allows the server to use multiple certificates for the same IP address and TCP port number, this allows multiple hostnames to be served from the same IP address via HTTPS.

Zimbra SSL SNI is the best option for business service providers who host anywhere up to five to thousands of domains. With Zimbra SSL SNI they can protect their users without worrying about the limited IPv4 addresses per domain.

2. Postscreen For Zimbra MTA

Zimbra has introduced an additional feature to enhance security and to reduce server overload. Zimbra Postscreen keeps spam boats away by leaving more SMTP server processes for clients and delaying the onset server overload condition.

Zimbra collaboration 8.7 comes with post screen at the MTA level where postscreen daemon provides enhanced protection against mail server overload

3. Native Secure Email

To support the Department Of Defense Common Access Card, Zimbra has introduced a feature called Native Secure Email which provides MIME for email encryption and digital signature.

Zimbra has made it easy to work with the S/MIME. After enabling the class of service(COS) users can see a new Security option in settings. Here users can use 3 options e.g. sign only, sign and encrypt and auto mode which will remember the recently used option.

4. Two Factor Authentication

Zimbra’s Two Factor Authentication is a technology that provides identification of users with a combination of two different components. These components could be something that the user knows like password, UserID, etc and something that the user possesses like smartphone, USB-key etc.

Two-factor authentication protects users by an extra physical layer, something that users possess. This is a breakthrough in email security by protecting the user’s login

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