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Novel Corona Virus

Novel Corona Virus

Introduction To The Disease

What is it? The Novel Corona virus is an animal originated virus that belongs to the Corona virus group. It was first detected in the city of Wuhan in the Hubei Province of the country China, in December 2019. In this article you can also find how to prevent from corona virus infection

Where does it come from? This kind of Corona virus has never been detected in humans before. In fact, it has been traced to have a 95% similarity to a Bat Corona virus. Just like other corona virae, novel corona virus takes a toll on your body by firstly causing lesions in the lungs and then inducing pneumonia. It causes heaviness in the chest and shortness of breath, having symptoms similar to the common cold, cough and flu.

How It Initially Spread

●    The Initial Hotspot: Wuhan has a famous fruit and seafood market. The earliest cases of the Corona virus are linked to that market. The first lot of victims mentioned going to the seafood market in the previous weeks. Even the very first victim detected on December 1, 2019, also went to the market some days back.

●    From Bats to People: Some theorists believe that the virus was initially harbored by a bat, being traded in that market. Since bats have a much stronger immune system, they don’t usually show signs of symptoms even after being infected by multiple pathogens. They think that the bat must have infected someone, where from whom everyone else got further infected.

●    World Epidemic: Since this corona virus easily spreads from one person to another, it did not take long for this virus to cause an international emergency. Right now 26 countries have been affected by the epidemic. These countries include Korea, China, India, Germany, UAE, France, Japan, Thailand, Canada, Malaysia etc.

●    Just like MERS and SERS: The virus is spreading at an alarming pace, taking away lives at a faster pace than SERS and MERS, which belong to the same corona virus group. Where on one hand, Novel Corona virus originated from bats, MERS has been linked with dromedary camels and SERS with civets.

What Are Its Symptoms

The major symptoms of the novel corona virus include the following:

●    Respiratory symptoms: People who contract the corona virus often end up showing Respiratory symptoms. They tend to have stiffness in the chest and trouble withdrawing in air. It is generally because of lung lesions that may start to appear after 5-6 days of the infection.

●    Fever: As soon as the immune system becomes aware of the foreign pathogen in the body, it will trigger the body’s alarm system, i.e. a rise in the body’s temperature. Hence, the earliest sign of the corona virus is a rising fever.

●    Cough: When our body identifies foreign pathogens, mucus, and bacteria, it tries to get rid of them by putting pressure on the lungs to exhale with force. When a patient gets affected with Corona virus, the nerve endings in the air passage of our Respiratory system get irritated. Hence one ends up coughing a lot while under a Corona virus infection.

What Are Its Symptoms
What Are Its Symptoms

●    Shortness of breath: Because of the infection, the lungs get damaged and the nerve endings get irritated in the entire region. Because of this, one may start feeling stiffness in the chest and trouble retaining the breath in. Hence one may start or keep panting even after performing meager routine tasks.

●    Breathing difficulties: Once the symptoms start to worsen, one may experience pain while breathing. After some more time, the lungs will develop pneumonia and that may also add on to the breathing difficulties.

●    Pneumonia: It is when, due to a viral infection, the air sacs (alveoli) of the lungs start getting filled with fluid and water. The person also may notice a quick shift from normal body temperature to a rising fever in no time. In the case of a Corona virus infection, the patient may not witness the symptoms of pneumonia until 6-7 days have passed. Even so, in some cases, the body developed pneumonia after just 24 hours. Hence it is hard to say by when pneumonia will set in but, for sure, it will worsen with time if left unnoticed.

●    Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome: It is a respiratory disorder generally caused by the SARS Virus, which too belongs to the corona virus group. The infection produces symptoms of pneumonia, shortness of breath and diarrhoea generally. Corona virus also causes an infection with similar symptoms.

●    Kidney Failure: In some certain severe cases of the infection, the body may also witness kidney failure. It is not a general symptom but it may happen. This can also be a part of an array of multiple organ failure. Here you can read Tips for Healthy Kidney

●    Death: Even though the virus belongs to the same virus group where the common cold belong, it can turn into a life-threatening pathogen. The disease has taken hundreds of lives globally within 2 months of its spread. It is so deadly that it has already caused a world epidemic and an international emergency. 

How To Prevent From Corona Virus Infection

●    Keep your hands sanitized: Keeping yourself away from the pathogen itself is the biggest cure. In order to make that a reality, you need to keep yourself clean and keep washing your hands, at regular intervals, with anti-bacterial, antiseptic soap. This is only when you are or have been around infected people, in a public place or in an infected city.

●    Don’t cough/sneeze publicly: In case you yourself have caught the virus, it is always advisable to not to spread it to other people. You may have a strong immunity to fight the infections but others may not. It is best if you don’t release anybody droplets, via coughing and sneezing, in public places.

How To Prevent From Corona Virus Infection
How To Prevent From Corona Virus Infection

●    Stay away from those who cough or sneeze publicly: In case you have not caught the infection, it is best to completely avoid public places. In case of unavoidable circumstances, it is best advisable to wear a face mask to cover yourself from the germs. Other than that, one is also advisable to stay away from those who are coughing and/or sneezing publicly. They may cause an infection.

●    Don’t touch things of public convenience, like staircase bars and bus handles: The biggest carriers of the virus, and other pathogens, are items of public convenience. Generally, people sneeze or cough into their palms and grab these very items next. They contain droplets of such germs and can cause an infection. It is best to stay away from them or wash/sanitize your hands once after using them.

●    Notify your Doctor: If you feel you have caught the infection or some other health hazard with similar symptoms as the corona virus, it is advisable to see your doctor within 24 hours maximum. If you catch it early, it becomes easy for you to keep track of it and even fight it off completely. If it goes undetected, it may worsen and can cause irrecoverable bodily damage.

●    Stay active and healthy: The best way to get the Corona virus out of your system is to have a wonderful diet and an active fitness routine. Hundreds of patients fought off the virus with the help of their immune system itself! It is only in your benefit to stay healthy and build your own immunity if you want to stay protected against the corona virus. Keep these points in your mind of How To Prevent From Corona Virus Infection for better health.

Is There Any Cure

No Medicine: Technically, till date, we have not developed any medicine or cure for the novel coronavirus. Since the virus has appeared for the first time in humans, it will take us longer to detect a full-proof cure for it.

Not as fatal yet: Even after being quite deadly, the world epidemic reports the the crude mortality rate of the virus to be around 2%. Even though thousands of people have been affected by the virus so far, only a few have succumbed to it. These are because a strong immune system can easily get rid of the virus and stop it from taking your life.

Immunity: Hence the only one way to cure it so far, is by the way of your own immunity. If you keep yourself happy and healthy, you will be able to fight and defeat it, if you get affected.


The corona virus has taken the world hostage. None of us was prepared for it. We don’t even have a cure for it. The only way to fight this nasty disease is to build our immune system strong and healthy. Even though the epicenter of the virus is within China, it has reached almost every continent. Find any other medical assistance visit at www.astocare.com

The virus spreads via transmission of the body’s droplets/ fluids from one person to another person. The best shot one has against this virus is to stay away from those who have already caught the infection.

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