10 best discount brokers in india

All You Need to Know About 10 Best Discount Brokers
In present times, quite a few firms are arising as discount brokers, and they are making some
decent amount of money too as they are attracting more and more beginner traders. The best
discount brokers offer unlimited or cheap brokerage plans under which they charge fixed
commissions, either monthly or annually, and enable customers to make countless transactions
irrespective of the trade volume.

Having onboard these plans, they are also stated as a flat fee or budget stockbrokers as they
charge flat fees and offer unlimited trading. The discount broking concept began in 2010 and
has expanded like an epidemic in Indian stockbroking. Since the discount brokers have grown,
India has witnessed thousands of active traders leaving traditional brokers and turning to the
best discount brokers. Moreover, ever since the discount brokerage concept has risen, an
entirely new group of people has begun stock market trading, thereby raising the whole

Discount Brokers: Top Benefits
Whenever you notice the name “discount broker”, you are well aware of one significant benefit
that the best discount brokers offer compared to full-service brokers, i.e., they charge relatively
fewer fees to process buy and sell orders. Some brokers charge as small as INR 15 or 20 per
transaction, irrespective of how many stocks you purchase or sell.

Besides the relatively low transaction fees, another whopping benefit of discount brokers is
that discount brokers don’t have any interest in your investments. Though it may look like a
drawback; however, it prevents any dispute of concern. The best discount brokers have nothing
to gain through the sale of a particular asset, so they have no reasons to try to interfere in your

Best Discount Brokers: Top 10 in India
● Zerodha
● 5Paisa
● SAS Online
● SAMCO Securities
● ProStocks
● My Value Trade
● Trade Smart Online
● RK Global
● Wisdom Capital

Final Words
The present epoch is one of the platinum days of the stock trading industry. The best discount
brokers mentioned above offer incredible products & services and are moving the entire
trading ecosystem a tremendous step ahead. Indeed there are some minor dissimilarities
between each discount broker. However, it would be great if you only look for your priorities
and practical usage, and then make a sound decision as per your preferences.

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