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Tips For Healthy Hair Growth

Tips For Healthy Hair Growth

Our hair remains one of the most vital components of our body. No matter how rough/smooth, straight/curly or black/brown/blonde/red/white they are, they take a special place in our daily lives. Hair not only protects our scalp from dust, dirt and cold but also makes us look smart and attractive. The importance of clean and healthy hair cannot be debated. The following are some tips for healthy hair growth or better hair management:

  • Trim them

Hair needs to be kept clean and well-kept. They go haywire and frizzy if not kept tidily. Giving them an occasional trim will just an add-on to their beauty

  • Shampoo and conditioner

Keeping your hair clean does not mean you go out of the line to do them. Cleanliness is a must but should never be an obsession. One should shampoo their hair once in 3 days or so. Using conditioner on them should also be this occasional. Going for it every day will only ruin the hair further.

  • Better protein intake

Keratin is a protein that plays a crucial role in hair development and care. Protein intake does wonder for hair care. Going for a nutritious diet containing foods like, dairy, eggs, legumes, soy, peas, and lentils, will be fruitful in this regard.

Tips For Healthy Hair Growth
Tips For Healthy Hair Growth

Usage of natural hair oils like Amla, coconut and sunflower oil, with a lot of Vitamin E, will be greatly helpful in hair care. Going for Aloe Vera gel for your hair is another great option.

  • Comb choices

It is recommended that a comb to be used should not have thin bristles. One should go for combs with wide bristles. Along with this, a gentle brushing routine should be followed in order to keep your hair from breaking.

  • Consider a trichologist

If you think you need a second opinion, who will be better than the hair expert? Try visiting a trichologist near you and discussing with them all your hair related issues. Trouble finding one nearby you, log in to AstoCare and book with the best one in your city. You can also read What Is Infection Disease

The above mentioned remain some tricks to hair care. For any online medical assistance register at www.astocare.com  online healthcare portal. For further medical assistance please contact us at hello@astocare.com.

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