Get to Know About Botanical Powders and Herbal Extract

Most of us repetitively hear the buzz around these words and especially when the word is welcoming Ayurveda and yoga. Let us go beyond our common understanding and get to know how they differ.

The botanical powder is the powdered form of plants while herbal extraction is a process by which we can get the component of interest from plants.

Both have their incredible properties which are being used in different sectors like pharma, cosmetic, Ayurveda. 

Key Differentiators:

To know more about Botanical Powders and Herbal Extracts, we have to see the basic aspects such as their processing, properties, and appearance of the powdered form and extraction of botanical plants.

  1. Processing - The basic element of botanical powders and herbal extracts are the same as plants (leaves, stems, seeds, etc.). The parts of plants that are going to be the raw material are first cleaned thoroughly and then cut down into small pieces to remove all the unwanted foreign matter. The overall process is done by machine. Then the material is oven-dried to remove all the moisture and then is granulated/grounded for making powder form. While for extraction the Raw Material is dissolved to the solvent according to their solubility & Bio-active principles needed. For example, the solvent can be used water or ethanol, or other, as per raw material’s physical and chemical properties. The unwanted material/chemical/component is separated then to get the exact component. Botanical Extraction is quite a lengthy and complicated process as it is involved in all laboratory practices.

  2. Appearance - We can see the difference visually between botanical powders and extracted material as powders are minute granulated form and extraction can be seen as in solution phase having isolated components in it Or spray-dried hygroscopic fine powder.

  3. Properties – In herbal extracts, the component of interest can be used after extracting it from the solution, on the other hand, the power of plants has all components in it.

Difference between botanical powder and Herbal Extracts- 

As the difference can be seen on the basis of physical properties, other than this the powder of the botanical plants contains all the active components in it and preserves their integrity while the extraction is all about isolating the specific Bio-active component. 

Herbal Extracts Manufacturer and Herbal Extracts Supplier-

At present, 80 percent of the populations in developing countries depend upon the plant-based drug that is powder form and in the form of extract of plants for their overall health care needs. And the value chain of products is categorized as producers, gatherers, and collectors. The supply chain is generally very long, containing 6-7 stages involving the primary the specific botanical plant or herb collector and producers, local contractors, specific wholesale markets on a smaller stage than large wholesale markets, and after that consumer value chain starts. Everything starts with production in which there are numbers of entrepreneurs who are involved in manufacturing and supplying botanical powders and herbal extract. The Government also supports these companies and some of which are well known as following-


Jairamdass Khushiram is the leading botanical powder manufacturers and herbal extract manufacturers who supply botanical powders, herbal extracts, herbs, and spices wholesale. They are well known in the market as bulk exporters and suppliers, not only in India but in the international market as well.


There are various categories of botanical powders and botanical extracts which are being used in various products such as –

  1. Spices (the most basic botanical powders which are used in every household for daily consumption)
  2. Herbal teas (in the present scenario everyone wants to be fit and healthy for which herbal teas are very much popular these days.
  3. Herbal extract – these are the most constant ingredients of herbal products manufacturing companies. 
  4. Essential Oils and Organic ingredients used to be very rich in minerals, vitamins, and other micronutrients.

It is known that medicinal plants can contain vast varieties of potentially active components. The extract of natural herbs has been used in formulations such as natural flavoring botanical ingredients, cosmetic botanical ingredients, ayurvedic medicines also as natural botanical ingredients in Nutraceuticals and allopathic medicines. On another hand, in dietary supplements both have a major role but if one wants to consume all the spectrum of active components or uses as mentioned in Ayurvedic Traditional Texts, of herbs then the powders can be rated higher than the extract which contains the isolated component.

Some of the Botanical ingredients which are very common in use nowadays is as following-

Aloe Vera Extract, Shilajit Extract, Ashwagandha Extract, Amla Extract, Etc. All of these are well-known and famous botanical ingredients that can be used in medicinal form or as cosmetics as they are very rich in components such as vitamins, enzymes, lipids, amino acids.

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