Best Steam Sterilized Botanical Powder Manufacturers and Suppliers

Botanical powder is the powdered form of plants containing the component of interest. We all are consuming botanical products in one form or another and powders are one of the commonly used forms. 

These botanical powders are main ingredients across many industries like nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, Ayurveda & other Herbal Traditional medicines etc. All of these are very sensitive sectors as products could be consumed orally and thus sanity & sterility is a major check. One of the best practices to make these botanical powders bacteria or pathogens free is Steam sterilization.

We will also see who are the best steam sterilized botanical powder manufacturers and steam sterilized botanical powder suppliers toward the end of this article.

Let us understand what are botanical powders

To understand something we shall bring something in our mind which we use in our daily life. We all consume spices, fruit powders, Aloe vera powder, Giloy powder etc. So, all these are botanical powders. The real plant parts (bark, leaves, stem, root, etc.) are cleaned, sorted, dried and powdered to make botanical powder in order to improve their ease of use.

What is Sterilization

Sterilization is a process which targets to kill & prevent microbes such as bacteria, spores, fungi and viruses etc. in order to assure the high quality of the materials.

There are many methods to do sterilization and the most common are heat, high pressure, UV radiation, and cleansing chemicals.

The method is chosen based on the industry and types of the material to be sterilized and cost of sterilization.

Steam Sterilization

This is also a type of heat sterilization in which items are exposed to direct steam at specific pressure, temperature and for specific time. The instrument in which this process takes place is called autoclave.

Steam sterilization method does not use any chemicals and thus no chemical residual effect is found in the sterilized products, and this technique does not harm the composition or bio-active ingredients of the item.

Advantages of steam sterilization:

  1. Cost effective 
  2. Less time-consuming 
  3. very effective 
  4. Nontoxic 
  5. Minimal interference with quality of the product

Disadvantages of steam sterilization:

  1. Some products are not compatible with steam 
  2. Corrosion of metallic devices

Why to steam sterilized botanical powders

We have got an understanding of sterilization and steam sterilization now. Let us see why we need to sterilize herbal powder and botanical powders. And why steam sterilization is the preferred method for botanical powders.

The botanical powders are extracted from various parts of the plants and there is a huge amount of manual handling during collection, pruning, drying and grinding. These steps allow many microbes to get into raw materials at various levels and thus contaminate the botanical powders at the end of the process. So, we surely need to sterilize the final product before it is used in any industry. Other sterilization methods could harm the content of the botanical powders due to chemical interactions but steam sterilization kills microbes present in these powders without disturbing the quality.

This is the process which makes steam sterilized herbal powders safe to consume in our finished products like steam sterilized herbal powders in cosmetics or in raw form like in ayurvedic medicines.

How to steam sterilized botanical powders

Now we understand why we are supposed to sterilize botanical and herbal products. Let us see how the steam sterilization process looks like.

The botanical powders are sterilized through a steam sterilizer which is called autoclave and thus, this process is also referred as autoclaving. Autoclaves are available in various shapes and sizes but when it comes to large industries, they have steam chambers in their plant for bulk sterilization. This saves cost and time for the industries.

In this method, saturated steam at a temperature range of 121 to 132 degree Celsius is passed through the items. The autoclaving is done at a recommended pressure of autoclave is about 106 kPa for approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

During steam sterilization, most of the microbes are killed because this process destroys structural and metabolic components in microbes which are responsible for their replication.

Key Points to Remember during the steam sterilization are:

Maintaining specific temperature, recommended pressure and time according to items.

Replacing air present in autoclave with steam.

Steam sterilized botanical powders manufacturer and supplier

Jairamdass Khushiram is the leading steam sterilized botanical powder manufacturer and steam sterilized botanical powder supplier who is a reputed name in the industry and serves local as well as international markets. They have got gigantic plants for steam sterilization and tons of botanical powders can be supplied in a given duration.

They have multiple milling and steam chambers installed so that they can serve bulk orders on time. This makes them the first choice among sterilized herbs manufacturers. 

The company supplies various kinds of botanical powers and herbal extracts on a wholesale basis. They also export their quality products across the world. They are also the leading raw ingredients supplier for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, tea, cosmetic and food industries.

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