Adtech Company, Perion Introduces Undertone’s New Division View Site

Perion Network Ltd. (NASDAQ: PERI) a global advertising technology company that delivers holistic solutions across the three main pillars of digital advertising – ad search, social media, and display/video / CTV advertising – announced today that Undertone, a leader in data-driven, Intelligent High Impact campaigns across screens, has a new division dedicated to retail marketing. Retailers are now able to deliver dynamically updated, personalized, and geographically-sensitive pricing – on an item-by-item and bundled basis – across its suite of high impact digital display units.

The convergence of dynamic, AI-driven optimization and Undertone’s breakthrough creative has been beta tested in the circular market – with millions of consumer interactions – and has been proven to be an omni-channel home run, generating ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) up to 9x, increasing low price perception by over 60% and aiding in up to 83% brand awareness, per Lucid studies conducted.

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