When Orange Gets Delicate, We Get Starbuzz Exotic Tangerine Dream

Time and again, Starbuzz has wooed the global hookah smoking population with some amazing hookah flavors. The manufacturer has segregated their tobaccos into four different series among which Starbuzz Exotic line of tobaccos focuses on presenting some unusual yet deliciously mouth-watering flavor mixes. Today, we have picked one from this series that has introduced a different aspect of tangy oranges to us. We are talking about Starbuzz Exotic Tangerine Dream. Are you ready to delve into this Starbuzz tobacco with us? Let’s start then.

Smell Test

You will be welcomed by a nice, delicate tangerine aroma as you open the pack. The fragrance of Starbuzz Tangerine Dream evokes the thought of orange-flavored drinks or soda.

Flavor Test

If you have already tried Starbuzz Exotic tobaccos, then you know the line features strong flavor profiles. In that case, you may be a little disappointed with this blend as this Starbuzz creation has ditched the regular strong tangy flavor profile to bring you something exclusive. Tangerine Dream has a subtly mild tangerine flavor unlike most of the orange tobaccos offered in the market. It has a subtle sweetness that gives the shisha unique and enjoyable characteristics. Kindly note, its flavors emerge out better as the bowl get properly heated. 

It tastes great solo, as well as in mixes. However, suggest keeping its proportion more than the others considering its mild tangerine flavors. 

Time Test

Please don’t underestimate the shisha because of its mildness. A bowl of Starbuzz Exotic Tangerine Dream can last you for an extended smoke session and that too without losing its flavors. However, it would be best if you heat it with some coconut shell coals. They will heat the bowl consistently and evenly for a long duration. You can never go wrong with these coals; they bring out the true flavors and characteristics of the tobacco. The longevity of the tobacco depends on your packing method and the amount of tobacco you pack. A densely packed bowl lasts pretty long.

Buzz Test

Starbuzz Exotic Hookah Tobaccos are made using blonde Virginia tobacco leaves which has a low nicotine content. Being short in nicotine, it is less robust than any dark leave tobacco blend. But that doesn’t signify you will not get any buzz. It gives a slight, pleasant kick. You can pack it densely to make it more robust. However, if you are smoking primarily for a buzz, then it is better to go for Starbuzz Vintage tobacco. 

Smoke Test

There is hardly any brand that can beat Starbuzz in output. You are going to blow out some nice bulbous smoke clouds with Starbuzoz Tangerine Dream as well. To guarantee you the best possible smoke output and flavor, use the sprinkling method to pack and two cubes of coconut shell coals to fuel your session. 

The shisha is available in 100g, 250g, and 1-kilo pack. To test the shisha, go for the 100g or 250g pack. Starbuzz Tangerine Dream is smoothing hookah tobacco that will take away your exhaustion, help you relax and relish its delicate flavors. Don’t waste time, order Starbuzz Tangerine Dream now!

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