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TRA Snow and Sun is a roof accessory system company that provides guard retention systems, solar tile roof mounts, and roof ventilation and flashing. Their guard systems are available for all types of roofs, including flat seam metal, granule metal roofs, and metal panel roofs. As precipitation accumulates during the winter, it begins to slide, increasing the risk of roof damage, leaks, and even injuries. Stops and guards help keep the ice in place, promoting stationary melting rather than destructive melting. Some of the products involved in the process include brackets, clamp-ons, fences, and blockers.
Solar tile mounting is another popular service provided by TRA Snow and Sun. Solar panels are becoming increasingly common, and durable mounts are crucial when it comes to maintaining them. At TRA Snow and Sun, solar panel mounts are easy to install and corrosion-resistant.
Flashing at TRA Snow and Sun is available in aluminum, copper, and other materials. Proper flashing and ventilation can help guard the roof against leaks and fumes in the household. TRA Snow and Sun offers TileVent, TileSeal, and VersaFlash as beneficial and trustworthy ventilation roof products to air out the home.
If your roof is damaged or at risk of damage, or if your current flashing and ventilation just aren’t doing the job, call (877) 710-1677 or visit their website https://trasnowandsun.com/is-plastic-snow-guard-retention-better-than-metal/  to learn more about snow guards, flashing, ventilation, and solar panel mounts.

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