Learn how to get the tax attorney you need

Federal tax law is rather generous to small businesses. However, as your company increases in size and complexity, things start to become more complicated. An increase in your revenue and profits means an increase in your tax liability. But such payments can be made in ways that are not detrimental to the financial health of your company. And even if you find yourself in debt to the IRS, you need not be overly concerned.

In cases in which you are clearly right and the IRS clearly wrong, then you should stand your ground and make the case for your position. This is not something you can do alone. It is best to retain the services of a high-quality tax lawyer.

tax attornies in LA can provide you with the legal advice and guidance you need to deal with tax authorities. Although there is a thriving industry within the legal community, mostly Washington-based, that offers to fix IRS problems no matter where the client happens to be, it is always better to work with a lawyer you can trust. You are likely to be more comfortable with a lawyer who you can see face-to-face whenever you want to instead of some faceless out-of-town attorney.

A Los Angeles-based tax attorney will have a better understanding of your business and how it operates in the state of Texas. You will also be working with someone who will make it their business to earn your trust rather than taking it for granted.

The IRS is a huge federal agency. Its main goal is to execute and enforce the tax laws of the United States. Coming under IRS scrutiny is not a comfortable place to be. However, it is important to remember that you have the right to respond to any inquiry with a challenge. Your attorney will review all communication to you by the IRS. Indeed, you should make no response at all to the agency. It is best to leave all correspondence, emails, and telephone conversations to your attorney. This is the best way to avoid confusion or misstep.

The IRS is not always in a position of seizing assets or putting you in a collectable status. Even they must adhere to rules and regulations. And in many instances, such rules and regulations are on your side. The IRS can only be effective in its main duty of getting money for the U.S. Treasury if you are actually able to pay what you owe. Despite the many horror stories of the IRS seizing assets and so forth, it is not the kind of action that they prefer. Sometimes the expense of seizing, storing, and selling assets is greater than what they are worth. It is therefore easier to get the cash directly, and to do this the agency is usually willing to work out a legally binding repayment schedule.

Such a plan should be put together with the input and cooperation of your attorney. A dedicated, intelligent, and experienced attorney can help you respond to all IRS inquiries and problems.

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