Connected Mining Market Foreseen to Grow Exponentially by 2025

Connected mines are quickly being recognized as the next step in mining resource management and extraction. The primary function achieved by the implementation of connected mining is the speeding up of the mining process by the workers, while ensuring top level worker safety. Safety is the top priority in any mining scenario and the implementations provided in the global connected mining market are instrumental in obtaining the safest method of resource extraction possible.

Key segmentations in the global connected mining market are made on the basis of services, solutions provided, and regions. Each segment is described in terms of market statistics and latest user trends and demand values. Consulting, maintenance and support, and systems integration are the key segments in the global connected mining market as per services offered.

The report offers a high level of comprehensive analytics performed on the latest statistics on the global connected mining market. These analytics are used to gain valuable insights into the market’s future in terms of segment dynamics and predicted opportunities and restraints. The key projections in the global connected mining market have been generated through logical assumptions and proven research methodologies.

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Overview of the Global Connected Mining Market

The introduction of advanced technologies and the Internet of Things have drastically improved the scope of functionalities in the global connected mining market. Their inculcation has allowed a large number of smaller businesses to enter the market with relative ease. It has significantly improved the cost-efficiency quotient of connected mining technologies on a global scale. The global connected mining market has thus been able to gain grounds at a rapid rate in terms of demand and implementation.

Worker safety and efficiency can be maintained at a high level in mining through the use of secure IP networks and multi-service networks. They help ensure optimal operational efficiency in terms of regular operations and can also be maintained at that efficiency for longer durations.

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The incorporation of predictive maintenance in the global connected mining market further adds to the system’s reliability while also keeping maintenance resource costs at a minimum. Onsite costs can be improved by using digital tail monitoring controls while also adding to the safety solutions provided through in-ground sensors and carrying out multiple functions on single screens.

The global connected mining market is, however, held back by the lack of skilled labor available for operating and managing the advanced equipment. This is more prominent in emerging nations. Despite similar restraining factors, the global connected mining market is expected to show massive growth rates in the U.K., Australia, and the U.S, owing to their strong mining industry infrastructure and the ability to add new technologies with ease.

Companies mentioned in the research report

The leading players in the global connected mining market currently are SAP SE, Hexagon AB, Cisco Systems Inc., Rockwell Automation, Trimble Navigation Ltd., ABB Group, Symbioticware Inc. and IntelleSense.io.

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