Cremation Facilities at Faith Funeral Home, Paragould AR

It was in the 1980s that Cremation became popular in the US. While being usually a broad term, encompassing many different types, methods and niches, it has become popular due to the professional management of funerals. Direct Cremation is one such. The body of the deceased is cremated almost immediately after the death, and for which there would be no viewing, memorial or visitation. Direct Cremation is economical and we, at Faith Funeral Service, offer them too. Expensive caskets, ornamentation for the viewing, or embalming are done away with, and this method is eco-friendly, too.

Usually, people plan a memorial service, any time after the cremation is done. This is normally done for enabling the flexibility of the timeline to allow more people to attend the function, and for getting more time to plan an elaborate, personalized and unique service. Burials were popular among the Christians as Jewish practice and the Bible itself are against cremation., but not though, nowadays. Cremation has a history dating back to 1873.

It was in 1876 that the first modern cremation centre was built in Washington, Pennsylvania. This was followed by the one in Lancaster, PA in 1884. By 1900 there were twenty in operation. Later, in 1913, the Cremation Association of America was founded. Cremation Association of America (CANA) spread the word on the modern views on disposing of the bodies pointing to how the ancient people had been doing it hygienically and in an eco-friendly manner. This was supported mainly because doctors were concerned about the whole-body burials in certain cases. Later scientific proofs were brought to light that burials if done properly, did not cause any harm to the ecology as well as to the hygiene. Later, however, CANA supported cremation not on health grounds, but as a choice of memorialization.

All around the world, cremation is still the popular choice, and in America, it started in the 1980s. At faith funeral home, Paragould, AR Cremation is mainly of three types, and they are the Direct one with a memorial service and the ones with a viewing/service. The changes between them are obviously in the cost, time and planning required. Service with cremations is thought of by at least a few as impossible, however, this is not so, at Faith funeral home, you can have it with cremation, too.

Direct Cremation is done when you do not require viewing, visitation or funeral service. The body is taken from your premises and taken to the crematory where proper care is taken of the deceased, till the cremation process begins. The leftover ashes are then taken and placed in a sealed plastic bag and placed in a hard plastic container. The same can then be delivered to you at our funeral home. The paperwork is also taken care of, by us. Obituaries can be placed on our website and/or our Facebook page in your direction, at no extra cost. All the paperwork for the direct cremation could be done at your house or at our funeral home, or wherever else within seventy-five miles from Manila, AR. This implies that if you are not able to come to us, we could help you by coming to your place., within a maximum of seventy-five miles, beyond which there would be a small fee which is charged by us.

There is a state mandatory requirement of waiting for twenty-four hours starting from the actual time of death, and also a certificate has to be issued by a person who is a competent authority, who pronounces the death. The cremation authorization form needs to be duly signed by the legal next of kin.

We offer many different types of urns for the cremains, ranging in prices, from economical ones to expensive ones. If you decide on a choice of your own custom urn, you can bring it along, and we will place them in your urn at no extra charge. However, at times urns are not needed as the cremains would be scattered or buried., depending on the situation. Obituaries in newspapers are charged exactly the same amount as the newspaper charges; we only transfer the charges made by the news service. Different newspapers have different charges for placing advertisements, and we charge them accordingly.

Certificate of Death costs you money. The different States charge you differently. For the additional certificate copies, Arkansas gives you one free and Tennessee gives three free, but if only you are a veteran. 

We offer Memorial Service, just anywhere and anytime. It is your choice. Memorabilia, Photographs, Songs through speakers (like a funeral service), all could be done, but not in the presence of the body of the deceased. You could do that before or after the cremation, and no deadlines are attached. In fact, some people do it months later, and even the involvement of the funeral home could be done without.

Viewing and/or service in presence of the body is another option which we normally do. Our charges are all inclusive of cremation, embalming, support staff and conveyances needed for the purpose. After the service, the cremation process would continue as described earlier in the case of direct cremation. You would incur a casket rental charge.

It is quite likely that some people like to have the ashes of their beloved ones in necklaces, keychains and bracelets., which hold the cremains. These are available at low prices, and you can avail of these services if you need to.

In this short passage, we have covered various types of cremations. You may visit our site addresses most of your queries. If, in any case, that is not, please feel free to call us at (870) 561-1197 or else on (870) 776-7336. Kindly do visit: https://faithfuneralservice.net/cremation .

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