How To Know If You Are Flat-Footed And What To Do About It

Being flat-footed can sometimes cause problems. Ideally, when you walk or run, the inner, middle part of your soles should not touch the ground so much. Flat-footed individuals walk or run with the entire area of their soles touching the ground. Sometimes, this does not cause problems and there is no need to see an ankle specialist London or a foot surgeon London. However, flat-footedness can sometimes cause foot pain.

What causes flat foot

Younger children may start out having flat feet. This is because the soles of their feet have not fully developed yet. Over time, the arches of their feet will form because the tendons and the muscles of the feet also get stronger and form more properly through wear.

Some medical cases can cause the arches of the foot not to form properly, however. These include obesity, injuries through overuse, bad walking habits, diabetes, and many more. If some of your family members are flat-footed as well, there could be an anomaly in the way your tendons in the family are formed, causing your feet to be flat.

Not all need doctors

If you do not feel any pain, or if you do not suffer from injuries like tripping because of your flat-footedness, then there is no reason to see a foot surgeon London or an ankle specialist London just yet. If you or your child feels foot pain, though, or if you notice that you have been getting mild injuries because of the way you walk, it’s time to see a doctor.

Will surgery be necessary?

Surgery is not always the solution for flat foot problems when you see a foot surgeon London or ankle specialist London. The mildest cases get prescribed arch supports. These can be store-bought or customized, depending on the severity of your flat-footedness.

When the pain is severe, there are several options. You could be asked to wear special shoes with more support on the arches of your sole, you may be asked to see a physical therapist to assess your walking or running habits and to help correct them, or if the flat-footedness is caused by injuries which might have weakened or compromised your tendons, surgery might be necessary.

What to wear

During your consultation with the doctor, you are encouraged to wear your daily footwear so that the specialist can look at your foot imprint. From there, you might be asked to walk or run in the clinic, have Xrays, MRIs, or CT scans done, and you will be asked to describe the pain.

It would be helpful if you can keep a daily account of how the pain happens and how it affects you, what type of activities you did before the pain made itself known, and how much it affects you and the way you live. If you are an athlete, you may be asked for your detailed fitness journal, and if you have been training more frequently than usual. Sometimes, flat-footedness is caused by overused tendons.

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