7 Signs You Need To Replace Your Air Conditioner Unit At Home

Replacing an air conditioner unit can be a difficult decision. For one, air conditioning in Berkshire can be expensive, so you might be tempted to have it fixed than just buy a new one. Hence comes the other issue with this decision—when do you know if you should, indeed, buy a new air conditioner unit?

Here are seven signs that should tell you it’s time to replace your air conditioner at home:

Past its lifespan. All appliances have an average lifespan, so this goes for air conditioning in Berkshire units as well. Air conditioners usually have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Therefore, if your unit has already passed this time frame, it might be best to consider replacing it already.

Constant breakdowns. But, of course, its lifespan is not the only indicator. If your air conditioner has been having too many breakdowns even if it isn’t 10 years old yet, perhaps it is time to consider buying a new one. Many factors affect the efficiency of an A/C unit, after all. It isn’t cost-efficient to keep repairing a unit that will keep on breaking down anyway.

High utility bill. One symptom of an appliance that’s way past its age already is higher utility bills in your household. When an air conditioner is about to expire, it usually consumes and requires more energy; hence, the higher electricity bill.

No cold air. Of course, the most common sign that your air conditioning in Berkshire would need a replacement immediately is when the unit no longer produces cold air.

There are a number of reasons why this is the case, from broken compressors to insufficient Freon levels. And while these could be remedied with a simple repair, coupled with the other factors, no cold air is a sure sign you already need to replace your air conditioning unit.

Bad airflow. It’s also possible that your air conditioning unit is no longer pushing out air the way it should. This could be a result of blocked vents. Again, this is a problem that could be fixed with repairs. However, it could also be expensive, especially if your unit has been in use for several years. It’s best to consider buying a new unit if the repair cost has become a bit too expensive for practicality.

Leakage and moisture. Excessive leaks around your air conditioning in Berkshire is a sure sign that your unit already needs to be replaced. Condensation—or the presence of moisture around an air conditioning unit—is common, but too much of it is a sign of major problems, which you should lead to you considering replacing it.

Broken thermostat and unusual noises. Two sure signs that your A/C unit definitely needs a replacement are when your system no longer can maintain temperatures in all areas in the rooms (there are hot spots) and when your unit produces unusual noises and sounds when you use it. These are problems that repairs cannot easily fix, hence making a replacement necessary as soon as possible.

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