Things To Remember When Carrying Hunting Rifles While Riding Horses

Hunting and horseback-riding are sports that give a different level of thrill and excitement. However, engaging with these sports comes with a lot of responsibility. If you are into this kind of activity, you have to take extra precautions to keep yourself — and your surroundings — safe.

From investing in gears and knowing where to buy Shotgun slips online to mastering how to properly handle a firearm while hunting, here are the most important things you need to remember when you’re out to hunt with your horse.

Be sure you’re familiar with the hunting area. One of the most essential information hunters should know is the area where they will be heading to. Not knowing the terrain and potential hazards will only make your knowledge with handling firearms while hunting futile. To be safe when it comes to directions, it pays to have a topographical map, a GPS, and a compass.

Equip yourself with the proper gear. Hunting with a horse can be dangerous, especially if you have difficult terrain to traverse. Hence, it is a must to get yourself properly equipped — this involves wearing appropriate and comfortable clothes as well as eye and ear protection, and knowing where to get shotgun slips or where to buy saddle flasks online. These helpful accessories will make your hunting experience safer and more convenient.

Know how to safely carry a firearm. This is also a fundamental knowledge every hunter must master: Always keep your gun’s muzzle in a safe direction and make sure your barrel is under control. Ensure that the safety is in the "on" position, and it should only be changed to "fire" when you have locked your target and are ready to shoot. You should also keep your finger outside the trigger guard.

Familiarise yourself with your firearm. While the bullet above is more of a general rule of thumb, you have to go beyond the mile and familiarise yourself with the handling and mechanical characteristics of the particular shotgun you will be using. Know its range and check for any specific instructions regarding its use.

Never load a firearm until you will be using it. As a supplement to the preceding bullets, hunters are advised to follow this rule: Never load firearms until you are fully ready to shoot, but have the mindset of treating firearms as if they are loaded and ready to fire. This will help you become more cautious about handling the firearm you are carrying.

Never hunt when you’re under the influence of alcohol. No matter how experienced you are in handling a firearm while riding a horse and hunting, dangerous things can still happen if you go out in the field under the influence of alcohol. Make sure you are in great shape before doing any hunting activity.

Check the condition and be mindful of your horse. It’s not only you that should be in great shape, the horse you’re riding should also be in good condition. Accomplishing the basics like knowing and being able to buy shotgun slips online will be nothing if you won’t be able to ride your horse safely.
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