7 Safety Tips When Delivering Your Products During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Now more than ever, the importance of practicing safety protocols when delivering any product is being highlighted. As the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, the delivery and logistics industry (which includes your trusted truck rental company Essex) is at the forefront of getting essential and even non-essential goods transported to customers who are locked down and under home quarantine.

If you’re running a business and striving to survive this bankruptcy-inducing pandemic, you also have to be mindful of safely delivering your product to consumers. This article rounds up seven tips on how to get your products distributed amidst these challenging times.

Minimise contact as much as possible. Practising social distancing is highly encouraged by governments across the globe. This should also be observed when you’re delivering products and getting help from a truck rental company Essex. Minimise contact by promoting cashless payment and by dropping off your product at the doorsteps of your consumers.

Require your workers to wear masks and other protective equipment. Wearing masks and face shields also reduce the risk of spreading and contracting COVID-19. Therefore, it is a must for your workers to equip themselves with these protective gear. This won’t only be beneficial for your employees — but for your customers and the delivery personnel as well.

Promote personal hygiene. While controlling the spread of COVID-19 is a concerted undertaking, a huge part of the flattening of the curve lies on every individual’s commitment to practising personal hygiene. Always remind your employees to wash their hands thoroughly or use hand sanitisers — especially before and after they have interacted with other stakeholders.

Heighten your cleaning and disinfecting efforts. Speaking of hygiene, you should also take an active part in intensifying your business’ cleaning and disinfecting efforts. Hire professional cleaning services and make sure that the truck hire company Essex you’re tapping to deliver your products also do the same. Give disposable towels and sanitisers with EPA-approved chemicals to your workers so they can also clean their immediate surfaces. And as much as possible, also discourage your workers from sharing equipment to help minimise interaction.

Be proactive and monitor your employees. Roll out strict temperature checks when employees and other people are entering your business premises, and encourage your workers to report any health and safety concerns as early as possible. Keep a logbook so you can conduct contact tracing much easier should the need arise.

Hire a reputable logistics company. As stated earlier, if you don’t have delivery capabilities of your own and you’re hiring a truck rental company Essex, make sure that they are also compliant with the government-mandated safety protocols.

Inform the public about your safety protocols. Apart from earning the trust of the public, disseminating information about your protocols also reinforces your credibility as a dependable brand in your field. Furthermore, it also gives your patronisers a comprehensive guide on how they should receive their orders and how you are ensuring the safety of the products you are delivering.

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