Let’s join an office with Corona Safety Mask, Foot Press Sanitizer Machines, and Key Chains

Despite all effort of countries across the world could not succeed to stop coronavirus inflation yet. Such as in India “Thali BajaoDiye Jalao, Quarantine, LockdownKeep Distance 6 Metre in work Place, Interstate Border Seal, etc.

A lots of tips and tricks have been made even that is logical or non logical, more than 3-4 Million people have been infection with corona virus. About 200 thousand people lost their lives.

The Latest COVID 19 Worldwide update is here. There is a big question of how long people be locked in houses.

The result lots of people have been lost their jobs and started starvation across the world.

It’s challenge to recover as well as 6 month back life either developed or developing country.

So let’s live with disinfection work area applying major precaution parameter

Even though W.H.O all efforts failed to stop in time infection of corona virus.

Is it safe to go out with sanitizer and key chains?

There is no developed any appropriate medicine yet, more than two hundred countries scientists are working day and night now. All of them only one advice “Prevention is better than Cure” until the vaccine is not made

Corona Safety Plan

Government guidelines are given to the public to open shop and working units to operate with given guidelines having maintained limited manpower, Thermal Temperature Measuring Machines | Sanitization Face Mask | Keeping Social Distancing, | Face Shield, etc. even though it is not sufficient to prevent COVID 19

Despite all major prevention, there is a Master Key Chain that would help you to Open The Door, Lift Operation, To Hold Goods up to 20 Kg Weight.

Without touching the surface easily you can operate well.

It can a milestone in your life. there are several key makers even very exclusive price range you may check here you may optimize according to your budget. Overall made of a material Brass, Stainless Steel or Acrylic items.

Keep Distance 6 feet Apart From 2 People, is a Solution Through Placing Floor Floor Sticker?

As per Govt. rules and regulation to operate office or shop keeping distance of 6 fit is not a permanent solution. According to me it’s a awareness in the public.

The best idea to make a sticker keeping the diameter of 1.5 fit vinyl banner with laminated that best fit for water-proof for indoor and adhesion lasts up to 12 months.

Corona Safety Tips For Business

  1. Corona Posters, to be informed and updated outside the shop or workplace.
  2. Keep on sanitize your hand frequently
  3. Keep marking on the ground if you are operating a shop and keep a distance among the employee workplace.
  4. Ask for minimum staff to join at a time.
  5. Mark each 6 fit indoor or outdoor through Floor Vinyl Stickers.
  6. Keep Touchfree Sanitizer in your office
  7. Infrared thermometer keeps entry point to check.
  8. Always face masked you are outside or workplace.

Corona Safety Online Product

Here you can place your product order online either pre-printed or get to customized your brand name in a minimum turnaround here.

Corona Safety App

Corona Setu App helps you update how safe you are in your area and intimate your surroundings etc. Also, there are central and local mobile no.s you need to know just inform health workers to stop the initial stage.

“Be Safe and Safe Your Near by” we will win with deadly corona virus.

Medical Expert Prediction on Corona Disease

Across the world, experts say that it will take the time up to September month, if a vaccine is made a successful experiment as there are various formalities to apply common human being. Meanwhile, you have to keep a corona safety mask, Sanitizer, and key chains that can help you and your family.

How much does a foot press sanitizer machine cost?

Untouched hand sanitization machines are made of various stuff like mild steel and plastic etc.

To make your corona killer tool you have a various option that fits in your budget given below material you can choose for the best option for your branding. The material is made of steady plastic bubble having a thickness of 5 mm digitally printed eco-friendly and lightweight easily you indoor and outdoor

It’s a foot operated sanitizer tools.

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