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Casey Building Consultants performs a subtle new building construction stage inspection in Melbourne through several stages. Such follows —


Stage 1: Pre-concrete slab or Base Stage

Check correct depth, dimensions of excavations also reinforcement steel & mesh, after the slab preparation has been done but just prior to the concrete being poured. This provides assurance your slab thickness, beam sizes, reinforcing mesh etc. are all as per the slab designer’s specification.


Building inspection Melbourne


Stage 2: Frame

Wall and roof & truss frames, Structural bracing installed according to building specifications & engineering plans, prior to any roof coverings, brickwork or wall cladding, in the case of a two-story build we also check out 1st-floor joist & beams & that the framework is also compliant. Windows & doors & flashings installed.

Building inspection Melbourne


Stage 3: Lock-Up

Fascia boards & guttering are installed, External brickwork or wall cladding is complete, Roof covering, Roof flashings installed, Windows & doors with all required locking devices installed, plumbing & electrical wiring rough-in completed. (Wall/ceiling insulation has not yet been installed). At this stage we are able to assess & check that the integrity of the building frame has not been compromised or damaged due to lock-up trades when installing their various bits & pieces, assess the exterior cladding quality & brickwork check wall cavities, brick ties, wall flashings, prior to plastering etc.

pre purchase building inspection



Waterproof membrane to all wet areas, prior to tiling. This item can potentially be a huge problem if not installed correctly

Note: Waterproofing is among the Top ten building defects.

construction stage inspection


Stage 5: Pre Handover Stage:

Home is ready for occupation. Prior to final handover payment and prior to signing any handover documents. This is more of a visual inspection of finish quality. Defects at this stage tend to be more minor or have less dramatic consequences if not rectified, however, are still very important to achieving a quality finish and a home you can be proud of. Most supervisors will rush you through the Handover process, praying on your eagerness to move READ MORE

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