Is It Possible To Build A Telemedicine App Like Practo?

Ever since the Internet flourished in the market, many on-demand apps came into effect to fulfill the demands of the people. Then why still stuck with the old-school method of visiting a doctor. No more nervousness when feeling sick while held up at a remote place or during a long train journey where finding a doctor is almost impossible. That is why telemedicine app like Practo made it easy for people to consult a doctor from anywhere at their own comfortable time.

What is a Practo clone app?

Developing a telemedicine app from scratch makes it a difficult and time-consuming process. Thus to make the process easier, the best alternative solution is to opt for a clone app. Practo clone app is packed with advanced features and works tremendously, just like the parent app.

Benefits of developing a Practo clone app

  • Patients do not need to travel and wait in a crowded waiting room to consult a doctor while feeling sick. They can easily book an appointment with an expert doctor and consult virtually with the comfort of their home.
  • There are many doctors of various specialties willing to exhibit their service through the app. Therefore it eases the effort of the patients to find the doctor from a particular specialization.
  • The doctors can work in their flexible hours and earn additional income by providing their service via the app. The patients can book an appointment based on the availability of the doctor.
  • Apart from being a utile doctor consulting platform, you can also allow your users to buy the medicines prescribed by the doctor through your Practo clone app. This way, you can increase more traffic in your app and generate more revenue.

To wrap up,

Many healthcare institutions are getting their hands on developing their own Practo clone app. It is high time to surpass the race and set your footprints in the blooming telemedicine market.

Posted By : marus anthony // in Mobile App Development