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Khinkhwab brings you latest Handloom Banarasi Silk Sarees, Lehengas, Stoles & Dupattas, handwoven by finest weavers of the eternal city Banaras. Order now!If you are looking for traditional and ethnic hand-woven handloom Banarasi silk SAREES, Banarasi LEHENGAS, Banarasi FABRICS, Banarasi DUPATTAS and thereby support handmade, then you should look for the exclusive collections from Khinkhwab.com.Dating back to ages, Silk weaving in Varanasi is one of the most ancient and vibrant parts of the Banaras culture.While the Banarasi silk saree and Banarasi silk are one of the most renowned things from Varanasi, the weavers of Varanasi remain behind the limelight.
Portraying some of the most regal and gorgeous blend of colors and culture, the weavers of Varanasi have created many masterpieces using the Silk fabric.From ancient times till now, they have perfectly mastered the art of weaving.Banarasi silk sarees and have still maintained the astonishing quality of artwork in their designs.

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