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There are many ways to impress a potential business partner. You can take them out to a fancy dinner if they’re from out of town or out of the dinner, take them to a renowned dining establishment in your city. You can even give them a lux tour of your city, taking them to high-class destinations so you can impress them with your ability to entertain and your capacity as businessmen to make simple decisions. You can also impress them with how you do your business—different, efficient, honest, transparent.

But there is no doubt that the best way to impress a possible business partner is by giving off the best first impression possible. And the best way to do this is to provide them with luxury airport transfers.

The best first impression

And how is luxury airport transfers Ashford able to impress clients? Naturally, the key to getting the yes of a potential partner is to impress—and you have to do this even before you meet them. Many make the mistake of making their move during their official meetings. But the real negotiations start as soon as the potential partners land at the airport.

Giving them a luxury airport transfer shows that you value them. While you can simply provide them with a simple transfer, a luxury airport transfer is a sign that you care about these little details—that you’re willing to do everything to get the job done or the deal approved. It is a sign that you are willing to go the extra mile, even if it costs a little more than the usual. Luxury airport transfers Ashford seems like a small detail, but it can actually set you apart from the rest. And since it is their first introduction to your mettle as a businessman, it is a strong first impression.

How does it impress

Luxury airport transfers Ashford—a limousine or a luxury vehicle of your choice—include transport to and from the airport with an experienced chauffeur who would address the needs of the client. The chauffeur, of course, is well-dressed, helpful, and will respect your client’s needs and privacy. In luxury transfers, the client will get details about the driver in advance, including mobile phone details, for easy communication. This is important because a high-profile client would want everything taken care of for them, especially during a tiring flight or trip.

The vehicle is equipped with amenities not usually found in simple transfers, such as hand sanitizer gel, paper towels, USB ports for mobile phone and gadget charging, individual climate control air conditioning, and personal heated and air-cooled leather seating.

Of course, the vehicle also has its own Wi-Fi connection to allow your clients to connect to the internet immediately after landing; an essential amenity especially if your clients come from outside the country. Chilled mineral water bottles and mints will also be served; drinks other than water may be requested beforehand. The same service will be provided whether the client is arriving or leaving your city, to provide them with a comfortable experience all the way through. Luxury airport transfers Ashford are the perfect way to seal a deal with a potential partner.

If you need airport transfers Ashford fit for a king or queen, contact us today at Ashford Portfolio Airport Executive Travel. We have a luxury car ride for you and your team, plus a dose of outstanding customer service.

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