How Your Doormat Gives Your Home Some Personality And What It Reveals About You

Your home says a lot about your personality. And we’re not only talking about the overall look or design of your place -- the little things also reveal something about you, including your doormat. Are you a fan of simple-looking organic jute rugs, or are you more of an eclectic type who’s more into mats with bold statements or unconventional shapes? In this article, we’re tackling how your doormat choice gives your house some personality and what it says about you.

Why You Need A Doormat

Even small additions to your home can leave a huge impact (e.g. An organic jute basket can be used as a versatile, eco-friendly storage space). This is also the case for doormats.

One of the most obvious benefits of having a mat at your doorstep is keeping this area of your house clean. As this area has a high foot traffic, it’s really helpful to have something to keep it free from dirt, debris, and mud. It also helps preserve the condition of your flooring -- whether it’s wood or tile.

Doormats also contribute to the aesthetics of your home’s entrance. Furthermore, these mats serve as a cost-effective way of adding a welcoming feel and a certain kind of warmth to your house.

Types of Doormat And What They Reveal About You

Whether you prefer organic jute rugs or you’re going for a bolder design, you can share a piece of your personality through your choice of doormat.

Plain-coloured mats. Apart from providing the most basic function of doormats, these plain-looking mats also speak about their owners’ minimalist side. These people most likely have a simple-minded approach to managing their households.

Eco-friendly mats. A household head with affinity for environment-friendly items (like an organic jute basket or rug) is perceived to have a strong sense of responsibility. Their choice of products that are sustainable also shows that they care a lot about their bigger home — Mother Earth.

Floral mats. Doormats decorated with flowers and are usually pastel in colour are often owned by someone who has a warm, reserved personality. They are most likely to find delight in the little things — like having a cup of coffee in the morning or reading a book before going to bed.

Home-sweet-home mats. If the mat has that classic "Home Sweet Home" text, the homeowner is said to have a friendly and cheerful personality — the type who invites neighbours over for a light afternoon snack or dinner.

Mats with classic signages. Have you ever encountered a doormat with those classic, instructional signages like "Shoe free home"? When you visit a house with this mat, expect that the owner somewhat has a strong, dominant personality. Be sure to abide by their house rules.

Mats with trendy slogans. In contrast to the bullet above, people with doormats that say "Keep calm and come in" are regarded as easy-going and carefree. When you visit their home, you will feel like it’s also your place where you can be comfortable to do what you want to do.

Odd-shaped mats. A moustache-shaped mat? For people who are on the more eclectic side, having this rug right at their doorsteps isn’t something extraordinary. People with larger-than-life personalities have bigger stuff to pour out their energy to.

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