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Every month at Industrial Athletics starts with our Cross Fit Pittsburgh Fundamentals Program. It is our introductory class that teaches everyone the basic movements and lifts that we use in Best CrossFit Pittsburgh. Inevitably, I have one participant who is ramped up and ready to dive in. By the end of the Fundamentals Program, this amped up participant starts to talk with me about diet and supplements. Then the question comes, “What supplements should I take to burn off this fat and put on muscle fast?” There is almost a look of disappointment when I tell him/her that 85% is diet and only 15% is supplementation. Diet is the most important.  If you are not eating correctly, there is no workout in the world, and no amount of supplements, that will sustain a long term healthy lifestyle. Supplements are a “SUPPLEMENT” to a healthy diet. However, for those who have dialed in their diet, here is a short guide on supplements.

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