Product Update: GitHub Integration 2.0 Released!

Hello Orangescrummers! We’ve come up with GitHub Integration that allows you to connect your projects in Orangescrum to your GitHub repositories with the all-new two ways sync (Orangescrum to GitHub and Vice Versa).

Integrating Orangescrum to GitHub will help users to see repositories,  branches, commits, and pull requests within Orangescrum task details. 

So, users do not need to switch the context which helps in reducing time and effort.

Now the IT and product development team can instantly create, collaborate, monitor, and manage all your GitHub issues directly from Orangescrum.

What Is GitHub?

GitHub is a cloud-based hosting service for Git repositories. It is a database for developers and programmers to collectively work on code.

It makes it easier for the individual and team to use Git for version control and provide collaboration features such as task management, bug tracking, and feature request for every project.

Why Is Git So Important?

“Git” implies the version control system; a tool that allows developers to keep track of the constant revisions to their code.

The “Hub” is the community of like-minded individuals who participate.

There are also many other things Git does well:

  • it allows us to revert changes
  • create new branches for adding new features
  • resolve to merge conflicts code at the same time to the same project

Key Benefits Of Using GitHub:

With GitHub integration, you can enjoy the below benefits

1. Documentation

By using GitHub, you make it easier to get excellent documentation. Their help section and guides have articles for nearly any topic related to git that you can think of.

2. Showcase Your Work

GitHub is also the best tool to attract recruiters. Today, when searching for recruits for their project, most companies look into GitHub profiles.

If your profile is available, you will have a higher chance of being recruited even if you are not from a great university or college.

3. Markdown

Markdown allows you to use a simple text editor to write formatted documents.

GitHub has revolutionized writing by channeling everything through Markdown: from the issue tracker, user comments, everything.

With so many other programming languages to learn for setting up projects, it’s a big benefit to have your content inputted in a format without having to learn yet another system.

4. GitHub Is A Repository

GitHub is a repository that means it allows your work to get out there in front of the team. Moreover, GitHub is one of the largest coding communities around right now, so it’s wide exposure for your project.

5. Track Changes In Your Code Across Versions

When multiple people collaborate on a project, it’s hard to keep track of who changed what, when, and where those files are stored.

GitHub takes care of this problem by keeping track of all the changes that have been pushed to the repository.

Why Do You Need GitHub?

Some of the Key Features of Github include:

1. Easy Project Management:

GitHub is a platform for project managers and developers to collaborate, track, and update their work to keep projects transparent and on track. Thus, providing easy and efficient Project Management.

2. Easy Code Hosting:

GitHub enables you to put the code and documentation in one place.

Moreover, in GitHub, there are millions of repositories, each with its unique tools for hosting and releasing code. Thus, users can easily host their codes in GitHub.

3. Effective Team Management:

GitHub makes it easy for everyone on your team to stay organized. Moderation tools like Issue and Pull Request Locking assist the team in focusing on the code.

4. Increased Code Safety:

GitHub employs specialized technologies to find and evaluate code flaws that conventional tools are prone to overlook. Thus, increasing Code Safety and helping developers to write efficient codes.

Let’s See How GitHub Integration Works On Orangescrum

Integrating GitHub with Orangescrum will make it much easier for your teams to collaborate on projects. Below is the process to get you started with GitHub integration:


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