How Much To Charge For A WordPress Website View Site

WordPress being an open-source software is affordable and really value for money.

Are you planning to develop a website for your business? If yes, this blog will help you to decide on the best option available.

Here I’m sharing the details regarding the WordPress website development cost. Also you can get an idea of how to develop a WordPress Website with a minimal cost and avoid overspending.

Since it is free being an Open-Source Software, it gives you the freedom to install it for any kind of website.

Then the question arises, from where does the cost arise?

Here you go, the cost for a WordPress site includes,

  • Buying a Domain
  • Spend for WordPress Hosting
  • Buy Plugins and Extension (Apps), if any
  • Buy readymade theme/customize designs

The WordPress website can start with as low as $75. 

What is required to develop a Website?

For developing a website you need a domain name, a hosting plan, themes, and other basic criteria that will help you to develop a better website.

The first thing you need is a domain name. It will be your website address on the internet. This is what your users will enter in the browser to visit your website.

The standard cost of a domain is pretty much affordable. The cost starts as low as $12 for each year for a typical .net, .com, .org, and many more.

Next, if you’re planning to develop a self-hosted WordPress website, you need to buy a web hosting plan, which helps you to store your files.


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