Product Update: Zoom + Orangescrum Integration Released!

Hello, Orangescrummer’s! We’re back with another update for you! The latest version of Orangescrum allows you to integrate with Zoom, so that the users can start an instant meeting or join a scheduled meeting quickly without switching the application.

We created a successful customer feedback system where we are getting suggestions and feedback for our product regularly. Capitalizing on those suggestions we make our product more efficient that would help you to succeed.

Thanks to our customers once again who contributed by presenting and sharing their views on this feature.

We know that you want to work with a product that cares about what’s best for you, and Orangescrum has always been committed to understanding your needs and meeting them.

With this update, we’re adding features that will help you to collaborate your projects more efficiently and simplify the workflow.

Why Zoom

Zoom is an online video platform that can be used for meetings, chats, phone calls, webinars, and online events.

Zoom provides a secure and reliable service so you never have to worry about sound or video quality.

Zoom has always been essential for business, but during the COVID19 pandemic, it became an even more essential app. Zoom is the perfect solution for businesses that are following the work from home concept.

In this scenario, Orangescrum and Zoom are partnering up to help teams have more purposeful and productive meetings.

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