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Are you facing problems at the workplace? It affects many aspects of your life. You may struggle to manage your expenses. You may be discriminated against or humiliated. If your employer fired you or you are experiencing discrimination or harassment in the workplace, or your employer is not paying you properly, your life can be much more difficult. You need help from Los Angeles Employment Lawyers. 

Know your fun fundamental rights

As an employee in California, several state and federal employment laws preserve you. These laws apply to all employment relationships, from hiring and promotion to compensation and wrongful termination. If you think you are treated unequally or deprived of your fundamental rights as an employee, we help you contact Los Angeles Employment Lawyers. Cummings & Franck P.C offers free consultations and charges no fee until you get compensation on your behalf. 

Los Angeles Employment Lawyers for your help

At Cummings & Franck P.C, our Los Angeles Employment Lawyers understand your situation. We appreciate what it means to be mistreated as an employee, and we know that it is a great effort to understand and defend your legal rights. This is why we have chosen to focus our practice on fighting to protect workers and represent only employees who need help to secure the rights and compensation they deserve for the injustice they have been through. 

Contact the Los Angeles Employment Lawyers at Cummings & Franck P.C. online or call us over the phone to find out how we can help.

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