Perfect Bound Brochure Printing Guide 2022

Perfect Bound Brochure Printing Guide 2022

Everything is digital today, even marketing. So does it mean the end of the print material? Of course, not. Print material is not going anywhere, and it still is a source of physical marketing.


From international brands to small businesses, each of them uses leaflets, business cards, and brochures to promote their services and products.


And when they are eager to share every tidbit of information about their business, from the back story to their unique selling points, and build a connection with their target audience, they go for brochures.


But, is it that simple? Even brochures have different types. And it can be confusing for an ordinary person to decide which one is best for his/her business.


We have prepared a full Brochure printing guide for you, so you can decide what kind of brochure print would be ideal for your campaign.


Hardback Books

Hardback books are ideal for you if you are looking for a luxury print for marketing. Though it can be quite expensive, it’s worth your money. This kind of material is utilized in weddings, photo books, portfolios, party or birthday invitations, or several other special occasions.


What makes these special is their front and back cover is wrapped around a sturdy board with extra-strong glue to bind the inner pages. Thus, they are quite strong and last longer.


You enjoy the freedom to add up to 200 pages, so you can put all the details about your business in a single brochure. Of course, printing these hardback books costs you an arm and a leg, but you can expect amazing results.


Folded Leaflets

Want more options? Try golden leaflets. These are mini booklets apt for small businesses, or when you want to say it all in a few words. Also, you can use it for printing newsletters, price lists, menus, or anything that sounds appropriate to you.


Folded leaflets are beautiful in their own way. You can add up to 15 pages and fold the print according to the pattern in which you want to organize the information.


If your target audience is people who are likely to be handed over these on the go, try these. Nobody has a pocket so big that it could accommodate hundreds of folded pages in a brochure. But a folded leaflet will do it.


What’s more, these leaflets ain’t that expensive. Businesses that offer affordable everyday products or services rather than high-end products should go for a folded leaflet, an appropriate and effective marketing vehicle.


Perfect Bound Brochure

When you choose print material, you never run out of choices. The perfect bound booklets guarantee an expensive look and feel in brochures, magazines, manuals, and other documents.


The perfect bound brochure fits your requirements if you are looking for something special. It can have up to 400 pages, so you will find enough space for both text and visuals.


It comes with solid binding that glues the pages and spine together, making it durable. Don’t hesitate to use it for corporate communication and annual reports, as the data in it will remain safe for years to come.


Wiro Bound Documents

This type of binding is also known as a couple or spiral binding. It is used for reports, manuals, report books, and several other documents because the open document is quite flexible; it can lie flat or can be folded back around.


This type of material is commonly used in schools, colleges, and universities, where students and teachers take notes on wire-bound documents. Besides that, shopkeepers and small business owners who still do manual calculations rely on these documents to store data.


Any document of up to 350 pages would be ideal for this type of print. If you are on a low budget and intend to use it for anything other than marketing, you are good to go ahead.


Saddle Stitched Brochure Printing

A saddle-stitched brochure is a versatile option for all your needs. You can do almost anything, from manual data compilation to print marketing, all you need is a sense of organizing information according to the objective behind it.


This type of document is ideal for 8-40 pages, so there would be less space compared to other documents discussed above. However, with brevity and creativity, you can absolutely nail it!


You can print anything with it, brochures, catalogs, invitation cards, manuals, etc.


Who Should You Hire for Printing?

You can simply walk into a printing shop and get your design printed in bulk. But, not all small printing press services in Dubai have the resources and machines to print your designs according to your desired specifications.


So you should look for a brochure printing in Dubai that operates at a higher level, and is likely to deliver your bulk prints in little time while utilizing high-quality paper.


A small flaw in the quality of the print can ruin your marketing campaign and cost you thousands of dirhams. Consider the portfolio of the service you have chosen to ensure that they are capable of delivering the results you expect from them.



Posted By : Jhon Peter // in Design and Media