Office Home & Student 2021 for Mac Promo Code: Take Your Office In Clouds!

The biggest reason to upgrade to Office Home & Student 2021 for Mac is that Microsoft designed it especially for Mac where users can enjoy unique features of Mac like scroll bounce, full-screen view support, and Retina display etc. along with fully installed latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote, and free OneDrive online storage for viewing, editing, and sharing documents virtually from anywhere.The subscription costs $149.99 but future discounts can be availed through Microsoft Office Home & Student 2021 Promo Code.

Reasons why you should invest in Office Home & Student 2021 for Mac.

The Ribbon and Keyboard Shortcuts:-The Ribbon Tab at the top of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are better organized than the previous version and the very similar to the one you have on your PC version. Control shortcuts like Ctrl+S and Command shortcuts like Cmd+S will both work for Mac.

Cloud Connected:-You can open and save documents stored in the clouds since all of your cloud locations are consolidated in the open and save dialogs boxes and if you feel like adding new location, click the plus sign (present at the bottom of open and save dialogs box) and then choose either OneDrive Account or the SharePoint site and log in with your Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Account.Once your location gets added, browse through your folders and get to work.

Sharing:-Office 2021 versions for Mac has been designed for teamwork and you can find small share button at the top right corner in your Word documents and by clicking on it you can invite people with whom you want to share your work and can define editing permission.

Threaded Comments in PowerPoint and Word:- if anyone does not like usage of any particular word in a sentence, he can add comments and you by clicking on reply button in comments box can revert back.Make sure to check back later in order to avoid missing any conversation.

Office Home & Student 2021 for Mac: - The subscription at discounted prices through promo code offers to store files in the cloud with Microsoft OneDrive, full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, and availability of Office suite for 1 Mac with Mac OS X 10.10.

New Design Tab in PowerPoint:-The latest version of Design Tab gives users a great selection of presentations themes and variants.You can pick a theme first and then refine it with variants until you exactly get what you want.

Propose New Time:-if you have not used Outlook on Mac for a while, this handy feature is available for exchange periods and now you can officially propose new meeting time that works for you.

OneNote:- You get OneNote when you download and install Office Home & Student 2021 for Mac which is great for keeping notes, web pages, photos, videos etc. all in one place.You can insert audio recordings either of yourself or some else speaking and insert Bookmarks for important moments.

PivotTable Slicers:-Click inside the large PivotTable and on the Insert Tab click Slicer (it’s a filter) and then select the field you wish to slice.It gives you specific information, for example, total expenditure in the month(field with slice filter) of January on category(field with slice filter) entertainment.

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