The Journey of Coffee - From Beans to The Wide Choice of Keurig Flavors

When it comes to hot beverages, nothing beats the beloved coffee. Hot chocolate is indeed appreciated during the winter season, and tea earned its place as the most consumed beverage after water, but the truth is that coffee still has a place in the hearts of many. It has become a habit to savor the best Keurig flavors at the push of a button, but have you ever wondered how the little pod you use each day is made? The journey of coffee beans includes roasting, blending, grinding, packaging and shipping. Many people work in this process, making sure you enjoy only the freshest and best-quality hot drinks. That includes the popular Keurig Tea Cups, known for the health benefits brought by its ingredients.

What Means a High-Quality Coffee?


You can tell a good quality coffee by its fresh smell and strong aroma. When you sip it in the morning, you should feel its balanced taste of natural sweetness and refreshing acidity, with a taste of bitterness. So, what exactly are the factors that make the hot drink in your cup so good? As with any edible product, the answer is the techniques applied to the coffee, from plant cultivation, processing, roasting, packaging, shipping, and, finally, the brewing method.

Coffee plants grow in many countries around the globe , in temperate or tropical climates. Most often, they are cultivated on family farms and also larger ones. Farming is not an easy job, as it requires a lot of time, work, and dedication. Farmers produce green, unroasted seeds, which they then trade. Nowadays, families of coffee growers commit to harvesting high-quality coffee seeds. Usually, the beans are exported to various countries in order to be processed.

After leaving the farm, the coffee still has a long journey before it reaches your cup as classic Keurig flavors . First, it goes through a processing procedure, meaning the coffee is roasted, grounded, and sealed to maintain its fresh taste. After this, the packages are sent, depending on distributors, to different warehouses. From there it goes to the stores, and finally to your home. The shipping method, mainly how long it takes, might affect the quality of this product. But the top-quality coffee is always the perfectly roasted one. So, it is important to understand the process that your favorite beverage goes through before arriving at you.

Manufacturing Process


Unroasted beans from all over the world are brought to the processing unit, where they will be stored. They must pass through a quality test before they are mixed into different blends. The test means checking the unroasted beans for physical flaws, high levels of moisture, and any other signs of deterioration. If the batch passes this initial test, it will go through the following procedures:

·        Quality Inspection


Initially, only samples of beans from each batch are roasted, and another quality test is performed. One or more certified tasters will analyze the flavor of different selections of roasted beans. Depending on the type of roast, the specialist will tell the smell difference between rancid aromas, high-quality aromas, and anything in between. Next, hot water is added to the cups, and the tasters will check and assess qualities such as the flavor, body, aroma, and acidity of the coffee. Only the beans from the best-graded batches are used to make coffee pods.

·        Roasting


In the roasting process, coffee gains its true flavor and aroma. When roasted, the water and gases in the beans are released, so beans will harden and increase in size. Their color deepens from green to light or dark brown. The cooking time is different depending on their properties. Usually, darker beans are roasted more slowly than lighter ones, but they will unlock more intense flavors. When they reach the desired color, the roasting process ends.

·        Granulation and Packaging


The next step is the granulation process. After roasting, the beans are ejected in specific trays, where they will cool down. To dissipate the heat, producers can use fans or rotating paddles. Next, the cooled beans are grounded to an ideal granulation. The ground coffee must not be too coarse nor too fine, as it needs to retain the full flavor. The right density allows water to flow easily through the coffee pod. Now the coffee is ready to be packed into individual pods.

The Final Step in Making Unique Keurig Flavors


The Keurig flavors resulting from the manufacturing process go into a cartridge, also known as a capsule or a pod. The pods are sealed and covered with a foil top. They come in packs of 24 and are compatible with your Keurig coffee maker. The role of this one-time use capsule is to keep the contents fresh until punctured by the machine. When used, the hot water flows from top to bottom through the contents, brewing it into your cup.

A remarkable selection of Keurig flavors now exists, including blends, flavored coffees, and even organic teas. The Keurig Tea Cups contain dried plants from India and are appreciated by many people for their delicious aroma. One of the most popular Keurig Tea Cups is the English Breakfast mix. This type of black tea with a rich flavor will calm you down with every sip.

How Are Keurig Tea Cups Shipped?


In most cases, tea and coffee products first go through distributors and retailers before reaching the final buyer. While this trip can last several months, it is good to know that there are producers who will send you the freshest coffee as soon as it leaves their factory. That means no intermediaries are involved, as the manufacturer ships the Keurig Tea Cups directly to you in a matter of days.

Besides regular shipments, these suppliers also offer auto-delivery services. That means you can choose to receive packages containing Keurig Tea Cups and coffee pods at set intervals, for example, each month. Auto-delivery brings some benefits compared to one-time shipments. First, you save money with shipping costs, as one large order is more advantageous than several smaller shipments. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about running out of coffee, as this constant source will keep you stoked.

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