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The naturally produced iron oxide pigments are used as colorants. They are used as the colorant from when human being had started to begin painting. There exists so many iron oxide natural pigment that are been used in the industry and are derived from several iron oxide minerals such as red pigment, yellow pigment, brown pigment, black pigment, and many more. These pigments are derived from minerals named as hematite, ochre, sierras, and limonite. Apart from naturally occurring pigment, you could also manufacture synthetic pigment by processing them under controlled conditions. Controlled condition means here is particle size, its distribution, and shape that could be accurately replicated which as a results in superior uniformity, quality in colour, and chemical purity.

When compared with organic pigments, they are relatively cost effective in nature which resists colour change when they expose to sunlight. They possess good chemical resistance property and this is why they are very stable under normal ambient conditions. The leading uses of inorganic pigments in the chemical industry are in paints, construction, and coatings materials. They are mainly used where colour consistency is very less critical.

Alternate method of manufacturing iron oxide pigment
Secondary manufacturing processes of iron oxide pigment are through steelmaking. You an create iron oxide pigments by treating steel with hydrochloric acid to further remove the surface oxides. The acid generated from this process is recycled and thus after we get iron oxide. This iron oxide pigment is further used in a number of filters, transformers, inductors, and in too many industrial types of equipment.

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