How Bespoke Curtains And Traditional Upholstery Can Spruce Up Your Home

Getting inspired to make changes in a home’s interior is a project that involves a lot of time, dedication, and creativity. Homeowners who like to keep the look of their house new and exciting know that simple changes such as bespoke curtains or changes in upholstery can make a big difference. Reliable and talented local interior designers Edinburgh based experts also agree that small changes can have a massive impact.

The key to achieving the home redecoration results you want is to work with interior designers in Edinburgh who can make your vision come true. However, it doesn’t hurt to consider these few tips and tricks to ensure you choose the right curtains and upholstery.

It’s All In The Fabric

Both curtains and traditional upholstery can be done using different types of fabric. Choosing the correct type of fabric will determine the longevity as well as the function of the curtain or the furniture being upholstered. Some fabrics are easy to maintain, but do not last long, such as linen curtains. Whereas velvet curtains and furniture require extra care, but have the look of elegance and also last longer with proper maintenance.

Choosing The Right Color

Have trouble deciding what colour of curtains to choose from? Don’t worry, a quick consultation with experienced interior designers Edinburgh will help narrow down the possible choices. Choosing the right colour won’t just make the room pop, but can also keep or let the light in, depending on the shade.

Darker curtains and upholstery fabric also tend to show less dirt, while bright light colours do fade faster, especially when it is regularly exposed to the sun. When planning to spruce up the home with bespoke curtains and traditional upholstery, always keep these in mind.

Maintenance Matters

Both curtains and upholstered furniture will require proper care and maintenance to ensure they last as long as possible with minimal signs of wear and tear. Choosing curtains that are durable enough for washing can make maintenance easier, but these will result in them fading sooner rather than later.

For bespoke curtains and upholstered pieces, the best way to keep them clean is to invest in regular dry cleaning services. This will ensure the fabric stays in the best condition while also keeping them clean and sanitary.

Think Of Your Lifestyle

Finally, don’t forget how you live your life day by day. Do you live an active life where the rays of the sun give you energy to start your day? Do you prefer to have a lie in during the weekends without getting woken up by the sunlight entering your room? Are they children and pets living in the home as well? All these details matter but can also make redecorating more of a task than a fun project. But as long as you are organised and work closely with interior designers in Edinburgh, sprucing up the home is possible with results that will amaze and impress you.

Small changes in the home can turn a drab and plain room into something stylish worthy of a page on a magazine, as long as you have the creativity to make your vision come to life.

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