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HKR Trainings AWS training in Bangalore allows you to adapt AWS to build cost-effective, scalable, and secure systems that strengthen the agile development and flexibility of the applications. This AWS certification training in Bangalore teaches you how to scale and design AWS cloud implementations through the best practices suggested by Amazon. With our real-time scenarios and projects, trainees will get an in-depth understanding of Identity and Access Management, S3 storage classes, EBS volume, Load balancer, AWS Autoscaling, NAT, Route53, RDS on AWS, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, CloudFormation, AWS CloudDeploy,

About HKR Trainings:

HKR Trainings excel at providing you with the best online classes with high-quality facilities at a low price without any compromise on quality. What can you expect from us? A dedicated learning platform with 24*7 support, and best-in-class training materials to help you learn advanced techniques and practical knowledge of all IT Technologies.
Our courses are specifically curated for both professionals as well as job-seekers. Online classes conducted by the best knowledgeable and certified trainers help you earn certification at your convenience.

Key Features:
30 Hrs Instructor-Led Training
Lifetime LMS & Faculty Acces
Learn On Your Own Timeline
Real-World & Project-Based Learning
24/7 Online Expert Support
Customized Course Creation

Contact Details:
India: 91 9711699759
USA: 1 (818) 665 7216
Website: https://hkrtrainings.com/

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