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Originally produced from silk fibers, georgette silk is weaved with highly twisted yarn. This fabric came into existence around the 20th century as a blend of silk. Lightweight and breathable are some properties that make georgette silk fabric potential for parties, events, and weddings. Its specific puckered style appearance creates a sense of exclusiveness. Further, the sheer look, nice drape and ability to hold hues tight enhance its durability, and the cricked surface create elegance. With this fabric, you can create western dresses, tops, saree, salwar suits, dupattas, lehenga, and many more. To draft your own tale of georgette silk, you can check out the fabriclore’s silk blend collection. Here, you can explore and buy multiple varieties of georgette silk with a mixer of traditional art. Our materials are prepared by a pool of talented of fabric manufacturers from India who are experts in these arts. With our collection, create beauty and elegance in your outfit.

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