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 Handmade ceramic tea set
 With a comfortable handle and thick ceramic composition, you can safely enjoy your hot beverages without fumbling with clumsy alternatives
 Even when not in use, the set will brighten up your kitchen with their hues
 This delightfully Morning tea set is Great gift idea for lovers of coffee, tea, hot cocoa and more
 Ceramic kettle to perfect the look
 It will be a lovely addition to your kitchen for brewing/serving teas or your living room as a unique decorative piece
 Ideal for restaurants, catering, and coffee shop or can be used for any occasions
 This eye-catching Tea Set is a fusion of Modern Design with the century old art of studio pottery practiced by skilled artisans
 Each piece goes through the long process of clay baking, drawing, painting, re-baking and glazing
 Every piece is uniquely made and painted by hand and thus may differ slightly from each other in size, colour and shape
 This is beauty of hand art in the field of product, enough to highlight your serving and your dinning an elite and sweet touch
 Features: Set Comprises: 2 ceramic cups, 1 kettle and 1 ceramic tray
 Size: Kettle Size: L: 16
 5 CM, W: 10 CM, H: 11
 5 CM
 Tray Size: L: 23 CM, W: 20 CM, H: 2
 5 CM and Cup Size: D: 7
 4 CM, H: 5
 5 CM Material Care: The smooth glazed finish is easy to clean both by hand and in dishwasher
 Capacity (in ml): Kettle: 250 ml, Mug: 120 ml Microwave & Dishwasher Safe: Each mug is crafted to hold up well when used in the microwave or dishwasher
 No matter the temperature, hot or cold, the designs will not fade or peel after continued use"

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