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Handmade and affordable, large water-hyacinth baskets 

The water-hyacinth’s strings of dried fibres are highly recognized for their soft feel, unique smell and as a reminiscent of leather. These are efficiently used to make bags, footwear, wreaths, hats, vases, and Christmas lanterns. We, at Back to Baskets, are contributing to the betterment of the environment by smartly using The water-hyacith to make large water hyacinth baskets. You will absolutely love our large water hyacinth baskets because you are :

  • buying an eco-friendly and sustainably grown product.
  • Purchasing from a supplier who supports village level artisans in the rural areas of Vietnam.
  • buying from a supplier who respects and supports women and disadvantaged groups.

Our large water hyacinth basket  is not only visually attractive and engaging, but also pacifying and restful. To purchase our aesthetic water-hyacinth baskets wholesale, visit Our Website: Back to Basket

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