15 things you buy that make your richer View Site

There’s no denying that money can buy happiness – but only to a certain extent. Once your basic needs are met and you have a comfortable lifestyle, your emotional well-being is only marginally linked to your income. So what does make us happy?

According to research, the answer lies in how we spend our money. Buying experiences, rather than material possessions, leads to lasting happiness, because it results in lasting memories. And investing in others – whether it’s through charitable donations or simply through acts of kindness – also boosts our happiness.

Here are 15 purchases that will make you richer, in the truest sense of the word:

1. A trip to see the northern lights

2. A hot air balloon ride

3. A visit to an animal sanctuary

4. A cooking class

5. A day at a spa

6. A ticket to a concert or a play

7. A new bookshelf

Posted By : Andrews Adubofour // in Education